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Understanding how arrest warrants work

If you’ve been served an arrest warrant, you might have questions on the process and even wonder if the way you were served was legal. What is the actual process for serving arrest warrants in Stamford? At Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, we have an extensive knowledge in each step of the warrant and arrest process. We know that if certain procedures are not done correctly, your arrest might be faulty. We are prepared to examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest to be sure your rights have been upheld.

Authorities need to have probable cause before you’re charged with a crime, states Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute. This means that witnesses and others must have a good reason to believe you were the one responsible for the crime. It is not enough simply to make a vague statement matching your description that could also match anyone else in the area. The police officer obtaining a warrant must have either your name or a sufficient physical description, such as birthmarks, tattoos, hair color, facial hair and approximate height and weight.

Connecticut man arrested after fight with brother

Not everyone who has been accused of a violent crime is a habitual offender. Some Stamford residents who are facing violent crime charges may not have had any previous convictions. In the heat of the moment, when someone is angry or upset, it can be all too easy to lose control and make threats or lash out in violence. Even if the intended target escapes injury, the other person can end up facing assault charges.

It is unknown whether a man from East Haven had a previous criminal record when he was arrested in March for allegedly attacking his brother. According to authorities, the 27-year-old man got in an argument with his brother and kicked, choked and punched him, then tried to stab him with a hunting knife. The other brother was said to have fallen down the stairs during the fight. Afterwards, the defendant ran from the house with a firearm. Police arrived to search for the man, keeping residents inside their homes during the search.

Domestic abuse charges when caring for the elderly

When the topic of domestic violence comes up, many people will think of someone who deliberately harms family members. A lesser-known incident, but one that still occurs in Connecticut and other parts of the country, is elder abuse. There are certainly those who purposefully take advantage of vulnerable older people; however, there are also people who might find themselves charged with domestic violence against an elderly relative despite having no malicious intent.

The Connecticut State Department on Aging states that elder abuse can involve physical, emotional, financial or sexual harm by a person with whom the senior has an ongoing relationship. This may include spouses or intimate partners, adult children, close friends, extended family or full-time caregivers.

Man faces multiple drug charges and vehicle violations

In Stamford, Connecticut, being charged with drug possession or intent to use can come with heavy consequences. However, it can also be just as costly for a person to be charged with the intent to sell drugs as it is to be charged with the intent to use them.

One man, age 31, is facing a number of charges after a stop for a simple motor vehicle violation, including intent to sell. While police initially pulled him over for the violation, they found a number of illegal and controlled substances in his car. This included marijuana, heroin and 62 different pills. Some of the pills included Abilify, Escitalopram and oxycodone. The heroin measured up to 40 grams. Because of the substances found, the man is facing multiple drug-related charges. They include possession of marijuana, possession of narcotics, and possession with intent to sell.

The increasing penalties of DUI charges

If you get a DUI charge, you may be aware of the fact that it can have severe repercussions for you. It may also potentially affect other people in your life. For example, if you are the sole provider and lose your ability to drive to work, your family could suffer. Because of this, fighting to keep your rights may be a necessity.

The first thing to be aware of is the fact that different DUI charges come with different penalties. For example, a first time DUI charge is usually the most lenient. A fine can range from between $500 and $1,000. There may be 100 hours of community service. A mandatory minimum jail sentence of 2 days must also be fulfilled. In addition, there can be some harsher penalties. This can include license suspension that can last for a year. Second DUI charges come with a three year license suspension, and a third DUI can end with your driver’s license being permanently revoked.

Is it a felony to T-bone another car while drunk?

Driving while under the influence can earn a driver harsh penalties even if they only speed or commit minor traffic violations. However, the penalties can raise much higher if the driver ends up getting into an accident. The driver may then face both DUI penalties and other charges like reckless endangerment or bodily harm. Depending on the severity of the accident, they may even face criminal violence charges.

Side impact collisions are a good example of what sort of penalties and dangers a bad accident can bring along with it. Side impact collisions can be very dangerous due to the location of the hit. Many people involved in side impact collisions suffer from severe injuries. Some of these injuries can include internal or external bruising, delayed clots and burst vessels, ligament and muscular damage, bone damage, or potential disfigurement. Amputation may even occur either during the accident itself, or be medically required afterward. Of course, there are the internal risks to consider, too. Concussions, organ and nerve damage, spinal cord injury or lung collapse are all possible risks.

Woman held on $500,000 bail after fatal DUI crash

Party-goers in Stamford, Connecticut, likely know that driving while under the influence is an issue among those who go out for social drinking. While drunk driving charges can be damaging on their own, the other consequences that can arise from drinking and driving can be even worse. The effects of these bad decisions can last a long time.

One family will be dealing with the effects of a drunk driver’s poor decision for the rest of their lives. A woman struck their 20 year old daughter Friday night, leaving her unresponsive. Though she was soon rushed to the hospital, she later died there of her wounds. The woman is currently being held on suicide watch with her bail set at half a million dollars. The court has stated that if she cannot pay her bail, she will be forced to hand over her passport.

What can an uninsured motorist expect after a crash?

Driving without insurance is illegal in the U.S., but there are some instances in which a person may be forced to go without insurance for a period of time. However, this can cause a lot of complex issues if that person ends up getting into an accident while they do not have insurance.

The Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner has stated that any uninsured driver risks running into severe monetary issues because of their lack of coverage. Insurance is put into place in order to cover big accidental expenses, such as parts needing to be replaced after an accident. However, uninsured drivers have no such protection. Because driving without insurance is illegal in America, there may also be various different legal repercussions that may be faced. This can include license suspension and other severely demobilizing punishments.

Why you should seek aid if falsely accused of a violent crime

When it comes to violent domestic crimes, even an accusation can be enough to turn your entire life upside down. Because of that, we at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso understand that you would like to do whatever you can to fight against the claims that have been spoken against you.

Violent crimes come with heavy penalties no matter what the accusations may be. Your charges may involve alleged kidnapping, rape, domestic violence, arson, or assault and battery. However, all of these different crimes could end with you being in similarly difficult situations. For example, you may find yourself facing restraining orders, court battles, reputation damage, and other severe repercussions. These can all be stressful, draining and life-altering in negative ways.

Actions that constitute domestic assault or violence

Domestic assault charges may carry many different penalties that can make it difficult for anyone to continue living in the same way that they were before the charges were made. If someone is facing such charges, it is therefore important for them to understand their legal situation well.

First and foremost, according to Connecticut courts, domestic assault or violence is considered an abuse and will therefore reap severe consequences. Actions that fall under the umbrella of domestic violence can include physical or sexual assaults, severe threat to the point that a person fears for their physical well-being, rape or attempted rape, stalking, anything that causes severe physical damage, kidnapping, or preventing someone from leaving their home. Some of these actions are not commonly thought of as abuse and therefore someone may be less aware that preventing someone from leaving carries the same repercussive impacts as physical assault.

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