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Alleged drunk driver shot at by Connecticut official

When someone is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, they may experience significant anxiety and be completely unsure of how to move forward. After all, in Stamford, and across Connecticut, being charged with drunk driving is no laughing matter. Those who have been charged with DUI should evaluate their legal options and determine which approach to take at once.

According to authorities, an alleged drunk driver was shot at by a law enforcement official after the driver refused to stop. Although the bullet struck the vehicle, it did not hit anyone. Officials say the driver, who has not been identified, was sent to the hospital.

Assisting those facing false domestic violence allegations

Every day, Americans across the country are falsely accused of all types of crimes. However, for those who are dealing with false allegations of domestic violence, moving forward can be very difficult. If you have found yourself in this position, it is vital to review your options and carefully address the allegations as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso strives to help clients who are going through this in Stamford, Connecticut, and we understand the plethora of hurdles people facing false domestic violence accusations often encounter.

Unfortunately, some people who have been wrongfully accused of family violence mistakenly downplay the severity of domestic violence charges. In addition to prison time and an inability to contact family members, these charges can result in a damaged reputation that makes life even more challenging. Furthermore, when someone has a domestic violence conviction on their criminal record, their future could be negatively affected in many ways. For example, someone may be fired from their job or have a tough time finding work.

Multiple felony charges filed against 5 people in New Haven

When people in New Haven are arrested and charged with committing a felony crime such as murder, they face severe penalties if convicted. These penalties often include prison time and financial restitution as well as the stigma of having a felony record. Family members also pay a price as the person convicted of a violent crime may be the provider for the family and they are separated from their loved one.

After police arrived at a park in Hamden, they discovered a man’s body with explosive material that included caps and steel pipe fragments. The man had been shot multiple times, although the reason for the killing was unclear. After he had been shot, authorities allege, a pipe bomb was then used to blow him up. It is unclear how law enforcement traced the man’s murder to five people he lived with in New Haven. The group had been under watch by law enforcement in an investigation concerning narcotics.

What are some different types of restraining orders?

When someone is charged with domestic violence or facing accusations of bodily injury, their life may never be the same. Unfortunately, even those who are innocent can face serious consequences that have a devastating impact on their future. If you are dealing with allegations of domestic violence, you could face financial penalties, jail time and have a damaged reputation that always follows you around. In Stamford, Connecticut, and throughout the country, people who are in this position need to carefully analyze their situation and figure out how to properly handle the charges.

On the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch's website, an overview of the different types of restraining orders can be found, which may help you if you have been accused of domestic violence. Family violence protection orders are issued during criminal proceedings when a suspect is arraigned and are typically in effect until sentencing or the case being disposed. Next, there are ex parte restraining orders, which the family court issues after the completion of a restraining order application. These orders are issued immediately in order to offer relief from domestic violence. With ex parte orders, hearing dates are scheduled, respondents are notified and these orders are usually in effect for two weeks or until the hearing date. Following a hearing on an ex parte order, a restraining order after hearing may be issued and will usually be in effect for six months after the hearing date. Applicants are also able to request an extension when they are about to expire.

The lifelong consequences of a felony in Connecticut

Connecticut has strict penalties for people who have been convicted of a felony. Any felony charge in the state will bring with it the possibility of prison time of more than a year in addition to significant fines. However, there are other consequences that can be severe and even lifelong.

According to a report from the Connecticut General Assembly, there are several privileges that a convicted felon no longer has, including the following: 

  •        A felon is not permitted to own firearms
  •        A felon is not able to hold public office.
  •        A felon may not vote.

Common defenses to domestic violence charges

When you are accused of domestic violence, you should know that the penalties you are facing can be severe. At Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, we know how Connecticut prosecutes the accused and treats people convicted of such crimes. There are some common defenses you could employ to help preserve your record and your freedom.

What are Connecticut’s marijuana laws?

As more and more states are legalizing both medicinal and recreational marijuana, it is imperative that Connecticut residents know where the state stands. The use of medical marijuana is legal, according to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, for qualifying patients.

Under the state’s laws, people who have glaucoma, epilepsy, cancer, Parkinson’s disease or any other medical condition will not be subject to arrest for using medical marijuana as long as they have registered with the DCP. The law also specifies the following when it comes to using cannabis medicinally:

  •        A physician must put in writing that the patient should use the substance.
  •        Patients and their primary caregivers may not possess a combined amount of more than one month’s supply of medical marijuana.
  •        Protection from arrest does not extend to people using it – even medicinally – while operating a vehicle, at work, in public or on school grounds.

What is considered a violent crime in Connecticut?

While both violent and non-violent crimes can have serious consequences, though the penalties associated with the former are often more severe. If you have been charged with a crime, you should understand how Connecticut categorizes it and what repercussions you could face.

According to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, the following are considered crimes of violence:

  •        Kidnapping
  •        Murder and manslaughter
  •        Assault in the first or second degree and sexual assault
  •        Robbery and burglary
  •        Larceny
  •        Riot in the first degree

Connecticut authorities arrest two over drugs

When someone is charged with distribution of drugs, drug manufacturing or drug possession, they may be unsure of how to deal with the situation. After all, drug charges can present serious consequences and some suspects may be unsure of their rights or how to approach the legal system. As a result, those who have been charged with a drug crime in Stamford or any other Connecticut city should carefully assess the details of their circumstances and make sure they understand their legal options.

Law enforcement officials recently took two Connecticut men into custody in Danbury after allegedly finding crack cocaine while searching the men and their vehicles. According to police, investigators had singled out one of the men as an alleged drug dealer when they reportedly found another man selling drugs nearby.

Understanding how alcohol affects older Americans

In Connecticut, the legal blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 for most drivers. At Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, we know that alcohol will affect people differently based on a variety of factors, including age. As scientific data and studies support, older Americans are prone to feeling the effects of drinking sooner than younger people will.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services points out that as the body ages, it loses its ability to metabolize alcohol efficiently. Therefore, the substance remains in the body longer. At the same time, older bodies have less water. This phenomenon leads to a higher blood alcohol concentration.

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