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Morphine and quinine involved in drug arrest

Connecticut residents who have been arrested and charged with drug crimes know that the law can feel very heavy at these times. While difficult, it is important to remember that not every arrest leads to a conviction and the judicial process allows every defendant the chance to prove innocence. A man from Newington today needs to keep that in his mind.

The man, a small business owner, has been arrested and charged with conspiracy to illegally obtain a prescription medication as well as actually illegally obtaining the drug. The reports indicate that quinine and morphine are alleged to be involved in this arrest.

Five counts of first degree murder in DUI case

Connecticut residents can face some tough penalties if they are convicted of drunk driving. From fines to the loss of driving privileges to fines, the impact can be great. Being required to use an ignition interlock device may also result. There is also the potential of having a criminal record. When a person charged with drunk driving is also accused of being involved in a serious accident, the consequences can get even more dire.

Such is the case for one man in Vermont today. On a Saturday night along a stretch of Interstate 89, the 36-year-old defendant is accused of having been driving on the wrong side of the road and running into a vehicle carrying five high school students. He is then alleged to have gotten into a police car and kept driving, hitting another seven vehicles along the way. It is not known if the other crashes happened on the freeway or on other roadways.

Connecticut hard on suspected drunk drivers

Residents in Connecticut know that that having a drink or two and then driving home is a commonly accepted social practice among most groups. However, despite this, there remains strong negative stereotypes among the public about people who are arrested for suspected drunk driving. This discrepancy can be hard for some to reconcile given how many people actually drive after drinking.

Nonetheless, the arrest numbers for people facing DUI charges in Connecticut point to a steady crackdown on this behavior. In 2015, more than 10,400 people were arrested for potential DUIs in Connecticut. Of those, more than 3,300 were convicted of charges and over 140 people lost their right to drive for some period of time. Of the statewide arrests that year, 175 took place in Norwalk. That number was only slightly down from the prior two years. In 2013, there were 182 Norwalk arrests and in 2014 there were 184. With three months left in 2016, there have been 143 DUI arrests thus far.

Handling online credit card fraud charges

From the use of a skimmer at an ATM to taking sensitive information from an individual's trash or using a lost card, there are many ways that credit card fraud takes place. However, an increasing number of people have found themselves in hot water after being accused of online credit card fraud, such as a phishing scheme which tricks cardholders into revealing their credit card information. At the Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, we are aware of the many ways these charges turn lives upside down for people in Stamford, and neighborhoods throughout Connecticut.

When it comes to credit card fraud, the nature of online fraud can be quite different. However, the charges are just as serious and may result in you receiving a prison sentence or stiff fine that throws your life into turmoil. Because of the nature of credit card fraud allegations, handling your case properly is essential. By taking the smartest approach, you could secure a much better outcome. If you have been wrongfully accused of credit card fraud, you need to ensure that your side of the story is heard and that the truth is revealed in the courtroom.

New technology focuses on sex trafficking

When law enforcement in Connecticut and New York are investigating sex trafficking cases, they have many tools at their disposal. Now, researchers have introduced a new method of identification that could help officers narrow down locations where illegal transactions may be taking place.

According to Futurity, TraffickCam is an app that provides a way for those who stay in hotels to participate in the investigations. This tool allows hotel guests to take pictures of their rooms from as many as four angles or perspectives, and then upload them to a web database. The hotel rooms photographed and uploaded already number 1.5 million. Because the app allows the location of the images to be tagged, officers may be able to use them when conducting their investigations.

Three people accused of assault in Connecticut

From years of imprisonment to a permanently damaged reputation, there are many ways that assault charges can affect those who are accused. In New London, and other parts of the state, assault accusations sometimes contain false details and alleged victims may not have a perfect memory of what took place. Moreover, some assault charges are completely false, which underlines the importance of handling these types of cases properly.

Law enforcement officials say that an elderly man was assaulted by three individuals after he got into a fight with one of them at a Connecticut store. Authorities say three people began assaulting the man, who tried to run away. However, one individual allegedly pulled him out of an apartment building to carry on the assault. The 58-year-old man was injured by the attacks and taken to the hospital.

Connecticut man taken into custody over domestic violence

Sometimes, there are two sides to a domestic violence story, but only one side is heard. Regrettably, many people have been falsely accused of domestic violence or have been harshly punished over an incident that was greatly exaggerated. In Stamford, and all other parts of Connecticut, domestic violence charges can destroy families and the lives of those accused. For example, someone suspected of assaulting a family member may never recover from damage done to their reputation or could lose their job. Additionally, these charges often lead to prison time and costly fines.

A 39-year-old Connecticut man was scheduled to appear in court after he was taken into custody for allegedly assaulting a female while riding in a vehicle with her. Authorities claim that a knife was discovered and that the hands of the woman, who was driving, had cuts. The man's bond has been set at $250,000.

Connecticut woman charged with assault

When someone is facing assault charges, or has been accused of any other type of violent crime, they may be dealing with a myriad of issues. For example, they may be struggling with completely false allegations and and be incredibly stressed out because they are worried about having their voice heard in the courtroom. Moreover, being accused of assault can cause serious harm to an individual's reputation. In Stamford, and other parts of Connecticut, people who are going through this on a personal level should analyze every option that is on the table.

Law enforcement officials say that a Connecticut woman recently assaulted a grocery store employee over an online dispute. The incident, which was reported at 7:36 p.m., prompted authorities to arrest the woman and charge her with third-degree assault.

Examining the possible consequences of traffic tickets

At some point, you may find yourself accused of a traffic offense. Although traffic tickets and similar offenses may seem relatively insignificant, it is important to recognize the potential impact these charges could have on your life. At the Stamford, Connecticut Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, we know how challenging it can be for some people who have been charged with a traffic violation.

According to the Connecticut Judicial Branch, traffic violations are reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles and any tickets will be reflected on your driving history. Depending on the details surrounding your case, points may be placed on your driver's license. Furthermore, your insurance company will probably discover the traffic violation or infraction and your auto insurance rates could be higher as a result of the ticket. Additionally, you could be required to complete a retraining course and pay a fee for participating in the program, depending on the details concerning your case. Between fines, fees and higher insurance rates, the financial ramifications of a traffic ticket can turn your life upside down.

Authorities arrest Connecticut driver over alleged DUI

For many people, dealing with drunk driving allegations is very challenging. In addition to feeling a sense of shame, some people are completely unsure of how to handle their set of circumstances. In Stamford, and cities all over Connecticut, those who have been accused of drunk driving should take a careful approach. After all, these charges can follow an individual around for their entire life and result in a prison sentence, costly fines and other penalties.

Law enforcement officials in Connecticut recently took a 64-year-old man into custody for allegedly driving while drunk. Officials say that the driver, whose vehicle was brought to a stop after authorities blew his tires out, failed sobriety tests and had bloodshot eyes.

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