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Connecticut woman charged with assault

When someone is facing assault charges, or has been accused of any other type of violent crime, they may be dealing with a myriad of issues. For example, they may be struggling with completely false allegations and and be incredibly stressed out because they are worried about having their voice heard in the courtroom. Moreover, being accused of assault can cause serious harm to an individual's reputation. In Stamford, and other parts of Connecticut, people who are going through this on a personal level should analyze every option that is on the table.

Law enforcement officials say that a Connecticut woman recently assaulted a grocery store employee over an online dispute. The incident, which was reported at 7:36 p.m., prompted authorities to arrest the woman and charge her with third-degree assault.

Examining the possible consequences of traffic tickets

At some point, you may find yourself accused of a traffic offense. Although traffic tickets and similar offenses may seem relatively insignificant, it is important to recognize the potential impact these charges could have on your life. At the Stamford, Connecticut Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, we know how challenging it can be for some people who have been charged with a traffic violation.

According to the Connecticut Judicial Branch, traffic violations are reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles and any tickets will be reflected on your driving history. Depending on the details surrounding your case, points may be placed on your driver's license. Furthermore, your insurance company will probably discover the traffic violation or infraction and your auto insurance rates could be higher as a result of the ticket. Additionally, you could be required to complete a retraining course and pay a fee for participating in the program, depending on the details concerning your case. Between fines, fees and higher insurance rates, the financial ramifications of a traffic ticket can turn your life upside down.

Authorities arrest Connecticut driver over alleged DUI

For many people, dealing with drunk driving allegations is very challenging. In addition to feeling a sense of shame, some people are completely unsure of how to handle their set of circumstances. In Stamford, and cities all over Connecticut, those who have been accused of drunk driving should take a careful approach. After all, these charges can follow an individual around for their entire life and result in a prison sentence, costly fines and other penalties.

Law enforcement officials in Connecticut recently took a 64-year-old man into custody for allegedly driving while drunk. Officials say that the driver, whose vehicle was brought to a stop after authorities blew his tires out, failed sobriety tests and had bloodshot eyes.

Connecticut officials apprehend drug suspects

From the simple possession of small amounts of marijuana or drug paraphernalia to drug manufacturing and distribution, there are various offenses involving drugs that people find themselves accused of. When it comes to drug crimes, the penalties can vary widely, but many people have had their futures taken away from them due to drug charges. As a result, people who are facing these allegations should be sure to take a close look at their options before moving forward.

Authorities apprehended three people in Connecticut during a recent drug bust that took place in Black Rock. The bust, which involved state police, local authorities and the FBI, was the result of an ongoing investigation. The suspects, whose bond was set at $75,000, are scheduled to appear in court during September.

Connecticut man accused of assaulting patients

When it comes to sexual assault, domestic assault and other types of assault charges, there are many elements to consider. For people accused of these offenses in Stamford, and the entire state of Connecticut, prison time and a lasting stigma often destroys futures. As a result, carefully assessing all legal options on the table is of the essence for anyone accused of assault.

Earlier in July, a Connecticut man was taken into custody and accused of sexual assault. The 53-year-old was charged with being an unlicensed massage therapist and is also facing fourth-degree sexual assault charges over incidents that reportedly took place while he was giving massages. Authorities are still investigating the case and have asked anyone with similar experiences to reach out to them.

Connecticut man facing domestic violence allegations

When some people think of domestic violence charges, they picture violence or a significant fight. However, it is important to keep in mind that even relatively minor disputes can lead to domestic violence allegations that utterly destroy an individual's life. In Stamford, and other communities in Connecticut, some may be surprised to find themselves in the middle of a domestic violence case. Sometimes, details are exaggerated, or they may be entirely false. For example, someone who is bitter about something unrelated to an alleged domestic incident may decide to falsely accuse another individual of hurting or threatening them.

A city councilman from Connecticut was recently apprehended over an alleged domestic dispute. Officials responded to his home after receiving complaints about an argument and reportedly found the councilman and his wife arguing. Authorities say the councilman was intoxicated when they arrived.

The long-term impact of underage DUI charges

When it comes to underage drunk driving charges, there are all sorts of issues that you may want to consider if you are under the legal drinking age or are the parent of a driver who was charged with underage DUI. At the Stamford, Connecticut law firm of Joseph J. Colarusso, we know all too well how devastating underage DUI charges can be. Aside from possible time behind bars and harsh fines, these charges could lead to other consequences that may have a long-term impact on a young person.

If you are a driver under the age of 21 and are accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, your driver's license could be suspended, preventing you from driving to work or school. Furthermore, these charges could be put on your record and follow you around for many years to come. For example, underage drinking and driving charges could haunt you and have a negative impact on current or future employment as well as college applications. Unfortunately, many young Americans have hurt their chances of success due to a one-time decision.

How are ignition interlock devices enforced?

In a recent post on this blog, an overview of Connecticut's ignition interlock device program was provided. If you are facing drunk driving charges or have already been required to use an ignition interlock device, you may have all sorts of questions related to the program, such as how these devices and ignition interlock laws are enforced. In Stamford, and cities all around the state, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the law and avoid legal problems related to ignition interlock devices.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, ignition interlocks are enforced through each device's internal memory, which is read every 30 days when devices are calibrated by the approved installer. Each reading produces a report which the DMV is able to analyze, containing data on any tampering with the device and driving activity.

Drug task force searches Connecticut home

When authorities raid a home over drugs, a number of issues may arise. Sometimes, people may find themselves accused of a drug crime that they did not commit in the first place. Additionally, details related to the search of their home may be inaccurate. In Stamford, Connecticut, and throughout the nation, people who are charged with an offense related to drugs often face significant consequences that completely change their life. For example, those charged with drug crimes may go to prison for a number of years, be required to pay hefty fines or have a stigma that will follow them around for the rest of their life due to their criminal record.

A drug task force recently searched a home in Connecticut. According to law enforcement officials, authorities discovered weapons, heroin and several hundred dollars worth of cash in the home during their search.

Bodily injury and other domestic violence accusations

If your spouse or partner accuses you of domestic violence, your life may never be the same. If they claim that you injured them or assaulted them, you may face a number of penalties, such as prison time and having a restraining order taken out against you. At the Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, we are very familiar with the multitude of ways that domestic violence accusations turn the lives of those accused upside down in Stamford, and everywhere else in the state of Connecticut.

Unfortunately, you may be accused of domestic violence and face serious consequences even if you are innocent. For some of those who have been falsely accused, their reputation has suffered permanent damage and they find themselves unable to have the quality of life that they enjoyed prior to the allegations. For example, they could lose their job, be unable to spend time with their loved ones or experience other problems due to the stigma that is associated with domestic violence.

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