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Drug distribution charges carry heavy sentence

In the state of Connecticut, and other states around the country, individuals accused of committing a drug-related crime are often at a disadvantage to defend themselves in court when law enforcement and prosecutors have had the opportunity to conduct a widespread investigation. Many times such an investigation will result in multiple suspects being arrested and charged, which can then lead to fingers being pointed and blame being assigned. Furthermore, it is not entirely uncommon for suspects to accuse others in an attempt to be offered some kind of plea bargain by prosecutors. One man may have encountered some of these issues when he was accused of and ultimately pleaded guilty to drug possession and distribution charges in New Haven, Connecticut.

The man was allegedly linked to a drug operation involving the distribution of heroin from New York to area dealers in Connecticut. During the course of the investigation, officers apparently confiscated three vehicles and several firearms, along with an unspecified amount of heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine. According to the U.S. Attorney, the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force was behind the investigation, and connected 10 other individuals to the case. 

Couple sent to drug treatment after pleading guilty in Hartford

There are many people who struggle with drug addictions and sometimes they find themselves involved in activity that is illegal. This can lead to serious consequences when they plead guilty or are convicted of drug crimes. For example, when someone is convicted of drug trafficking, they can be given a prison sentence. However, courts are beginning to understand that part of the problems related to drug charges is addiction, and they are starting to use drug treatment as a way to give people the opportunity to start over.

A pastor in Bridgeport pled guilty recently to charges that he distributed crystal methamphetamine to dealers in the area and now the couple he obtained the drugs from has also pled guilty. The couple admitted supplying the drug in a Hartford federal courtroom and the judge ordered them to a drug treatment program to be treated for their addiction.

Stamford teens arrested using photos posted on social media sites

Social media sites are popular ways for teenagers to connect with one another and stay informed as to what is going on. Teens often post photos and videos of themselves with posts that share important events or to get attention. However, law enforcement is also finding that social media sites can be sources of knowledge in solving cases involving violent crime acts.

One 18-year-old could be facing a prison sentence after being spotted in a photograph on another teen's social network page. He and two other teens are accused of allegedly robbing a man who was in the process of working on his car. Charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery and first-degree robbery were filed against the older teen; it is unknown what charges were filed against the other teens.

Stamford man arrested for burglaries after his dog identified

When a criminal defense team works for a client, one aspect of their role is to make sure that law enforcement did their job correctly. This might involve looking at the way evidence was collected, whether there is any concrete evidence that the person committed the crime and if any rights of the person were violated during the criminal case investigation. During the criminal trial, they then have the opportunity to ask all the questions and point out legal weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Law enforcement recently obtained a search warrant for a Stamford man's home after recognizing his dog. The dog had allegedly been seen on video surveillance being walked near a middle school. While this was not necessarily strange, the sighting of the dog corresponded to times that the school had been broken into. According to the authorities, this was the only clue they had.

Vehicle search in Stamford reveals $20,000 of prescription drugs

Connecticut law establishes severe penalties for people who are convicted of intent to distribute drugs, whether those drugs happen to be illegal ones like heroin or prescription drugs such as Oxycontin. Drug trafficking, which is the transportation of drugs across state and county lines, can easily render a prison sentence of several years.

Over $20,000 worth of powerful prescription drugs were allegedly discovered during a recent search of a car in Stamford after a drug-sniffing dog was called to the scene. The driver of the vehicle, which had out-of-state plates on it, apparently gave permission for law enforcement to search the car. In addition to the drugs in the vehicle itself, Oxycontin was found on the body of one of the car's two occupants. It is unknown whether that person was the driver or the passenger. It is also unknown where the drugs were found inside the car.

Norwalk man pleads guilty to sexual assault of minor

When someone commits a crime and is convicted of that crime, there are penalties that must be paid. Sometimes, a person who is guilty of a crime can negotiate an agreement with authorities in which they agree to admit they committed the offense in return for a lesser prison sentence. In fact, the majority of criminal cases are often resolved through a plea deal.

Apparently a Norwalk man decided to take this course of action after being charged for the rape of a 15-year-old girl. According to the girl, she was attacked and raped by the 25-year-old man after he asked her if he could use the bathroom in the apartment she lived in. The man claimed that he was invited there by the girl beforehand.

Bridgeport man charged with kidnapping after PCP high

Sometimes violent crimes can be traced back to an addiction to drugs, indicating that a person may not have been in the right frame of mind at the time of the incident. People have faced murder charges, robbery, assault and other violent allegations after ingesting, inhaling, or shooting up with illegal drugs. While a criminal conviction means that the person is often handed a prison sentence, it must be wondered whether it would be better to treat the person's addiction and ask if they would have behaved in the same manner if they were not under the influence of a powerful stimulant.

A number of charges have been filed against a 30-year-old Bridgeport man, including kidnapping, after a drug-induced episode. The man was found naked, sitting on the side of the road, with his girlfriend's baby, also naked, but unharmed.

Arrest warrants for burglary in preparation for Stamford man

When authorities make allegations against someone in Stamford for criminal acts, one of the first things that they may do is try to locate that person to bring them in as a person of interest or to arrest them. Once the criminal charge is made, then that person can post bail, or may be held in the county jail until the trial takes place, depending on the nature of the crime. At that time, the criminal defense team will have a chance to disprove the charges or may advise the client to take a plea deal in order to get a better sentence.

This could be the choice for one Stamford man who has been connected to at least two business burglaries and is suspected to have committed more. According to authorities, the 31-year-old man, who was recently arrested, was found in possession of a check that came from a burglarized business. His fingerprints were found at the scene of another burglary and his shoes matched prints also found at the same scene.

Alleged drunk driver sideswipes car in Stamford

The drinking of alcohol can often affect a person's ability to function, especially when it comes to activities such as driving. This can lead to car accidents where property is damaged and other people may be injured or even killed. For the person convicted of drunk driving, they may be sentenced with a license suspension order, fines, jail time, or ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet. If they are convicted of a DUI and they were working at the time, they might even have other consequences like losing their job.

A 54-year-old man in Stamford was allegedly drunk when he arrived at a construction site, driving his lunch truck. When law enforcement searched the vehicle, they found medications, beer cans on the truck's floor, and a loaded gun. Subsequently he was charged with a DUI and with leaving the scene of an accident.

Darien man ordered to stay away from wife after alleged attack

When allegations are made concerning family violence, it is important for investigators to look at all of the facts before filing charges. The situation involving a charge of domestic violence may not be what it appears. Sometimes the victim may actually be the aggressor and the person accused may be the victim. Therefore it is important for a thorough investigation to be conducted relating to the alleged assault before an arrest is made.

A Darien man has denied hurting his wife or putting a hand on her after a protective order hearing recently. The protective order was filed after he was arrested on charges of domestic violence. As a result of the order, the man is not allowed to be within 100 yards of his wife except at work; they both work for the same media company.

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