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December 2014 Archives

Defending self-defense

Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, understands just how quickly an altercation can become threatening. Every day, Connecticut residents are forced to protect themselves against unlawful acts and violent behaviors. And while everyone has the right to defend themselves, some still face criminal charges as a result. If you were accused of a crime as a result of protecting yourself or someone else, your defense may depend upon effectively proving that you acted in self-defense.

Connecticut restraining orders defined

The state of Connecticut recognizes and enforces several different types of protective orders, which are intended to prohibit acts of harm in cases involving allegations of domestic violence. Many people are familiar with the general idea of restraining orders, but do not understand their specific uses and legal implications. People who have been accused of domestic violence or other related offenses can benefit from knowing how a restraining order may apply to them and their case.

Blood alcohol content level testing discrepancies

Law enforcement officers across the state of Connecticut rely on breath tests to measure BAC levels every year in the process of apprehending DUI offenders. We here at Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, are well-versed in the large number of factors that can contribute to and compromise the accuracy of BAC level readings. The outcome of your drunk driving case can depend on successfully illustrating the inaccuracy of your breath test.

An introduction to manslaughter charges

Every day across the state of Connecticut and the entire country people are accused of committing violent crimes. The circumstances surrounding an incident are typically taken into consideration by authorities when issuing criminal charges and can play a large role in the nature of a criminal trial. Anyone charged with manslaughter can benefit from understanding what such accusations imply and how they are regarded under the law.

Are suspect lineups accurate?

If you or a loved one is suspected by law enforcement of committing a crime, authorities may use a number of techniques to establish evidence and build a case against you. Witness accounts and identifications may be taken in an effort to illustrate your involvement in the incident in question, and such efforts may involve the use of police lineups. That is why it is important to not only understand how lineup identifications are constructed but why they must be considered with a degree of skepticism.

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