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Connecticut residents: be careful with cannabis and driving

With some states still penalizing the use of recreational marijuana, cannabis proponents in Connecticut and elsewhere are interested in the future of marijuana use as it pertains to the entire country. The laws surrounding cannabis use can be confusing, especially when it pertains to medicinal use or driving with tetrahydrocannabinol in one’s system.

What is maintaining a premises?

You may have heard news reports of people in Connecticut facing charges for maintaining premises and felt confused trying to figure out what that means because it does not sound like an illegal action. Indeed, people lawfully maintain different types of premises for all sorts of legitimate reasons. However, maintaining premises becomes a crime if you do so for illegal purposes. This often involves the manufacture, sale or distribution of controlled substances. 

Stiffer penalties likely for fentanyl sales

In an effort to crack down on the growing number of opioid deaths in Connecticut, the members of the Connecticut House of Representatives have unanimously passed House Bill 5524, which stiffens the criminal penalties associated with fentanyl sales. Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, recognizes that, while increasing criminal penalties for fentanyl sales may sound promising on the surface, doing so typically does little to save lives or help addicts get better.

Is methamphetamine always harmful?

You may hear about many different kinds of drugs in Connecticut. However, some of these substances may easily blend together, and it is important to understand the difference among these drugs and how they might affect you. Methamphetamine is one drug many people have had problems with. A previous blog post discussed some of the ways people might get the help they need; this blog post will focus on the facts about this substance.

How will felony drug conviction affect finding employment?

Having any felony conviction on your record can hinder your ability to get hired for a job. Many employers in different sectors require background checks for new employees. While federal and Connecticut state laws prohibit employers from excluding you as an employee just because you have a felony conviction, the laws do allow employers to deny you employment if the conviction is related or impacts the job for which you applied. In most cases, your felony conviction will impact the job and therefore exclude you from employment. This does not mean you cannot get a job.

Will a drug conviction show up on my credit report?

You may be someone with a drug conviction in your past and are desperately hoping that your bank does not find out about it. You could be considering a mortgage for a new home or a loan for a new business, but if your credit report contains a notice of your conviction, you might fear Connecticut lenders will reject you. However, even though your past troubles with the law may present challenges in your life, they will not directly affect your credit report.

Connecticut considering “opioid courts” to address epidemic

As a resident of Connecticut who is grappling with an addiction to opioids, first, recognize that you are not alone in your struggles. Opioid addiction has become an increasingly pervasive problem across the state and nation, killing hundreds of Connecticut residents each year, and the issue has become so widespread that a task force now exists to determine how the state can best combat the problem. Attorney Joseph J. Colarusso recognizes that criminal behavior often stems from drug addiction, and we have helped many criminal offenders with drug addictions pursue solutions that meet their needs.

Confusion surrounding drug charges is natural

Some Connecticut law enforcement officers are occasionally overzealous in the charges they enter against those suspected of drug crimes. Therefore, it is completely natural for those accused to feel somewhat bewildered when arrested — confused at a long and seemingly inappropriate list of allegations. Combine this enforcement environment with a complex set of rules governing each individual substance and a considerable number of different charges relating to drugs, and a single event leading to drug charges could quickly become an unintelligible tangle for those not accustomed to the system.

If approved for Connecticut drug court, what can you expect?

Facing a Connecticut drug charge can be a very scary thing, because it may mean you have to pay fines, serve time and otherwise take accountability for your actions. In some cases, however, you may be able to take part in drug court as an alternative to having to serve time in jail or prison. Drug courts seek to help keep drug offenders from reentering the criminal justice system by helping them kick their drug addictions while still holding them accountable for their behavior.

What is a paraphernalia charge?

It may surprise you to learn that drug charges in Connecticut do not always involve actual drugs. You may also face charges for paraphernalia, which, according to the Connecticut General Assembly, is anything that is used to grow, deliver, use or prepare drugs. This may cover a large range of items, but it must be shown that you intended to use drugs with the item or otherwise engage in drug activities associated with the paraphernalia.

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