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Can your car be searched without a warrant?

If you are pulled over and a police officer asks to search your vehicle, you may think that you have no choice in the matter. Should you give in and allow the officer to look through your car and possessions? If you have nothing to hide, it couldn’t hurt and might get you on your way faster. However, many Stamford residents are not exactly certain of the laws surrounding search warrants and vehicles.

What to do when arrested for domestic violence

Being charged with any type of domestic violence crime can carry severe repercussions for you along with it. At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, we understand that facing these accusations can be disarming and stressful. We would like to provide you with information that you can use to help your case.

What you may face with drug related charges

Drug-related crime charges can be heavy hitters. Not only does it blot your permanent record and make it more difficult for you to find a job, but you may also find yourself facing long-term and rather extreme consequences either for a false accusation or for very low-level and non-violent offenses. You don’t want to add to that number, and we at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso would like to provide you with information that you can use to keep yourself from becoming a statistic.

Two Connecticut women charged in traffic stop

Being pulled over by law enforcement for an alleged traffic violation can result in authorities scrutinizing the physical state of the driver and any passengers in the vehicle, along with items inside the car under certain circumstances. And while Connecticut authorities do have the right to act on reasonable suspicions of illegal activity in such cases, they are still obligated to follow state and federal search and seizure protocols.

Drug arrest results in police brutality

The severity of force used by law enforcement against any suspect must always be gauged against the intensity of the altercation. Unless or until officers feel that they or the public are in immediate danger, it is generally inappropriate to use extreme force against an individual. And especially in drug crime cases involving vehicular pursuit, authorities must be particularly mindful of their actions and how they engage with suspects. Fortunately for the defendant involved in a brutal altercation in Bridgeport, Connecticut, video footage of the incident confirms his side of the story as a victim of police brutality.

Effectiveness of drug dogs questioned in traffic stop cases

Multiple agencies throughout the state of Connecticut rely on specially trained dogs to help perform any number of duties. For instance, dogs have proven to be invaluable assets in search and rescue scenarios. Even so, the skills of trained dogs are not perfect and questions remain over the accuracy of animals used in such capacities. The findings of a new study suggest that drug-sniffing dogs may not be effective in accurately identifying contraband in many cases, raising concerns over whether or not any arrest or drug charge should be based on the inclinations of an animal.

Drug trafficking case could affect countless others

The integrity of any criminal defense case relies heavily on objective police work and solid evidence. And because individuals identified as suspects in cases throughout the state of Connecticut often face a degree of prejudice from prosecutors and the general public, it’s imperative that defendants facing drug possession charges have access to a fair trial. The results of numerous drug trials may be questioned now that there is reason to believe that evidence tampering occurred.

Three face drug charges after traffic stop

When Connecticut Law Enforcement investigate and apprehend suspects in a group setting, confusion can arise over whom allegedly committed which offense. Similarly, one’s physical proximity to another individual can raise suspicions over one’s possible involvement in a crime, and can even lead to criminal charges despite the fact that any involvement may be purely hypothetical. Three people now face drug-related charges even though questions may be raised over whether or not two of them were carrying drugs at all.

Home invasion victim now faces serious drug charges

In an emergency situation, everyone has the right to call for help. After all, it’s the duty of law enforcement in Connecticut and beyond to protect and serve the public. Furthermore, crime victims should never have to fear being confronted with accusations simply because they did the right thing by contacting authorities. Unfortunately, however, one man that was recently held up at gunpoint in his own home now faces several counts of drug possession because of the actions of law enforcement that arrived at the scene.

Search and seizure warrant leads to multiple charges

In many instances, law enforcement and investigators enter the homes of suspects with the intention of finding evidence linking them to more than one offense. As a result, individuals may face multiple drug charges following an investigation and arrest. Furthermore, accusations may be compounded if authorities conclude that any other form of illegal activity has taken place by the defendant. One man in Bridgeport, Connecticut, has been charged with drug possession with intent to sell, along with other charges, after investigators entered his home recently.

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