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Understanding how arrest warrants work

If you’ve been served an arrest warrant, you might have questions on the process and even wonder if the way you were served was legal. What is the actual process for serving arrest warrants in Stamford? At Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, we have an extensive knowledge in each step of the warrant and arrest process. We know that if certain procedures are not done correctly, your arrest might be faulty. We are prepared to examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest to be sure your rights have been upheld.

Domestic abuse charges when caring for the elderly

When the topic of domestic violence comes up, many people will think of someone who deliberately harms family members. A lesser-known incident, but one that still occurs in Connecticut and other parts of the country, is elder abuse. There are certainly those who purposefully take advantage of vulnerable older people; however, there are also people who might find themselves charged with domestic violence against an elderly relative despite having no malicious intent.

Survey showcases Connecticut drug use

The causes for drug use and addiction can be difficult to fully identify and understand in many cases. The dynamics between a person and his or her family, friends and community play a role; similarly, the implementation and enforcement of anti-drug policies also factor in to drug crime incidents in any given region. It’s for that reason that Connecticut criminal defense experts, law enforcement and prosecutors pay close attention to alcohol and drug rates and other statistics in an attempt to curb drug offenses across the state.

Combating family violence in Connecticut

Violence in the home affects all family members and can result in serious physical and emotional injuries to adults and children alike. And while Connecticut state and federal laws punish acts of domestic violence, many defense attorneys and victims’ rights advocates would agree that preventing any and all forms of family violence is more effective than prosecuting incidents.

Connecticut man will seek damages for wrongful conviction

Thousands of people are convicted of serious crimes every year. And while criminal convictions should always be based on facts and compelling evidence, there are instances where the decision of the jury does not reflect the truth of the case. That is why the work of knowledgeable Connecticut defense attorneys continues to be invaluable even after a prison sentence is issued.

Criminal conviction overturned for lack of evidence

Every American has the right to say what they believe without fear of retaliation or persecution. Similarly, people are also entitled to legal protections ensuring their right to a fair and unbiased trial. Sometimes, however, peoples’ words are used against them and they may be placed in the position to defend themselves against a criminal charge in a Connecticut courtroom.

New search warrant policies may bolster defense

Connecticut state and federal guidelines address protocols for conducting legal searches of suspects. Law enforcement officers must conform to the law and are only allowed to conduct physical searches under specific circumstances and with a search warrant in hand in many cases. Until now, however, there were doubts as to whether or not authorities had the right to search cell phones without a warrant.

Domestic brawl results in assault charges

In incidents where a physical altercation occurs, successfully proving that an individual acted out of self-defense can be increasingly difficult unless someone else witnessed the fight. And in cases where family members are involved, emotions can run especially high and make it difficult for Connecticut authorities to determine exactly what happened and why.

The swift evolution of family violence legislation

The amount of publicity and public interest that a criminal case receives can have an effect on the overall outcome of that case, as well as influence how similar cases are approached by prosecutors and defense attorneys alike. Beyond that, legislation passed in Connecticut and other states across the country is often based on specific cases and cultural events. Marking the 20-year anniversary of one notorious criminal trial, some are noting how the case impacted and influenced current domestic violence policies around the country.

Dozens of drug offenses may be overturned

While most people assume that someone must have done something wrong in order to be accused of a crime, it is certainly not always the case. There are many instances where individuals are accused of serious offenses by mistake and/or out of malicious intent. That is why anyone suspected of a drug crime is advised to immediately seek legal counsel from an experienced and trusted criminal defense attorney. The criminal investigation and legal dispute over allegations of misconduct at one Medical Examiner’s Office illustrates how innocent individuals can be victimized by the illegal actions of influential agencies across the country.

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