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What you may face with drug related charges

Drug-related crime charges can be heavy hitters. Not only does it blot your permanent record and make it more difficult for you to find a job, but you may also find yourself facing long-term and rather extreme consequences either for a false accusation or for very low-level and non-violent offenses. You don’t want to add to that number, and we at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso would like to provide you with information that you can use to keep yourself from becoming a statistic.

Drug trafficking case could affect countless others

The integrity of any criminal defense case relies heavily on objective police work and solid evidence. And because individuals identified as suspects in cases throughout the state of Connecticut often face a degree of prejudice from prosecutors and the general public, it’s imperative that defendants facing drug possession charges have access to a fair trial. The results of numerous drug trials may be questioned now that there is reason to believe that evidence tampering occurred.

Drug trafficking conviction results in fed-seizure of millions

While many cases involving drug-related charges are considered low profile, some garner a great deal and attention for the amount of drugs allegedly moved or the specific nature of the case. Cases involving drug trafficking in states like Connecticut can be linked to other potential offenses like money-laundering, and can lead to major investigations and multiple charges. One recent case illustrates how some drug trafficking investigations are conducted, and shows what can happen to personal possessions and monetary assets suspected of being connected to such offenses.

Man pleads guilty to drug trafficking charges

In instances where federal agencies and prosecutors orchestrate large-scale investigations that may involve surveillance techniques and multiple suspects, it is not unusual for numerous conviction to be issued. For example, one man recently sentenced in a Bridgeport, Connecticut, federal courtroom was accused of purchasing and selling large quantities of cocaine during a five-month period beginning in the fall of 2012, according to federal investigators.

Couple sent to drug treatment after pleading guilty in Hartford

There are many people who struggle with drug addictions and sometimes they find themselves involved in activity that is illegal. This can lead to serious consequences when they plead guilty or are convicted of drug crimes. For example, when someone is convicted of drug trafficking, they can be given a prison sentence. However, courts are beginning to understand that part of the problems related to drug charges is addiction, and they are starting to use drug treatment as a way to give people the opportunity to start over.

Vehicle search in Stamford reveals $20,000 of prescription drugs

Connecticut law establishes severe penalties for people who are convicted of intent to distribute drugs, whether those drugs happen to be illegal ones like heroin or prescription drugs such as Oxycontin. Drug trafficking, which is the transportation of drugs across state and county lines, can easily render a prison sentence of several years.

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