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Domestic Violence Archives

What to do when arrested for domestic violence

Being charged with any type of domestic violence crime can carry severe repercussions for you along with it. At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, we understand that facing these accusations can be disarming and stressful. We would like to provide you with information that you can use to help your case.

Connecticut restraining orders defined

The state of Connecticut recognizes and enforces several different types of protective orders, which are intended to prohibit acts of harm in cases involving allegations of domestic violence. Many people are familiar with the general idea of restraining orders, but do not understand their specific uses and legal implications. People who have been accused of domestic violence or other related offenses can benefit from knowing how a restraining order may apply to them and their case.

Fairfield couple accused in domestic dispute

The nature and severity of domestic disputes can be difficult for Connecticut authorities to accurately identify and address in many instances. Law enforcement officers do not always witness incidents in progress, and are often forced to base their decisions on limited testimony and physical evidence. As a result, any and all domestic violence charges filed in a case may not be entirely accurate or appropriate.

How is domestic violence defined and addressed in Connecticut?

While Connecticut state legislation continues to be amended and/or enacted to address criminal and civil offenses relating to domestic violence, the state’s Judicial Branch outlines what family violence is and how it is regarded under the law. Family violence is defined by the threat and/or act of physical injury against household or family members. Family violence describes the nature of an offense, but does not in of itself qualify as a crime. Therefore, incidents of kidnapping, assault and sexual assault can be considered acts of family violence. And in identifying who can be considered victims of family violence, it’s important to note that the law also applies to unmarried parents and people of the same gender.

Domestic violence charges and consequences

Domestic disputes are emotionally charged in nature and typically occur between people who are intimately involved. That is why many incidents quickly escalate and can turn into major legal battles. We here at Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, understand how volatile some situations can be, and we have seen the issues that can arise out of facing domestic violence charges.

Combating family violence in Connecticut

Violence in the home affects all family members and can result in serious physical and emotional injuries to adults and children alike. And while Connecticut state and federal laws punish acts of domestic violence, many defense attorneys and victims’ rights advocates would agree that preventing any and all forms of family violence is more effective than prosecuting incidents.

The swift evolution of family violence legislation

The amount of publicity and public interest that a criminal case receives can have an effect on the overall outcome of that case, as well as influence how similar cases are approached by prosecutors and defense attorneys alike. Beyond that, legislation passed in Connecticut and other states across the country is often based on specific cases and cultural events. Marking the 20-year anniversary of one notorious criminal trial, some are noting how the case impacted and influenced current domestic violence policies around the country.

Celebrity takes plea, facing domestic assault charges

Being involved in any kind of domestic dispute can be a very stressful and heartbreaking experience. In the event that an individual is accused of domestic assault or a related offense, it is imperative that he or she seek sound legal counsel from an experienced Connecticut criminal defense attorney to ensure that they understand the charges against them and the legal options they have. For instance, the most effective way to negotiate a plea agreement with prosecutors is often to have the guidance and leadership of a well-versed attorney. One celebrity was recently successful in reaching a plea agreement that saved him from potentially facing years in prison.

Domestic violence conviction can affect gun rights

Any time someone faces criminal charges in the state of Connecticut, it’s imperative that he or she seek sound legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn the implications of the charges and what rights they have as defendants. A criminal conviction on some domestic violence charges, for instance, can affect one’s right to possess a firearm. And now that the United States Supreme Court has ruled on the matter, tightening restrictions on the gun ban for convicts, it’s more important than ever to understand the law.

Supreme Court questions officers� response to threat of violence

Because Stamford, Connecticut, law enforcement officers are charged with the difficult task of dealing with potentially violent situations on a daily basis, they are continually trained on effective techniques to approach unpredictable scenarios and suspects. Not only are police officers educated on how to physically contain a situation but they also learn how to perform their duties within the confines of the law. One case involving accusations of excessive force by law enforcement is currently being considered by the U. S. Supreme Court, raising questions over the proper police response to high-speed chases and assault.

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