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Defending self-defense

Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, understands just how quickly an altercation can become threatening. Every day, Connecticut residents are forced to protect themselves against unlawful acts and violent behaviors. And while everyone has the right to defend themselves, some still face criminal charges as a result. If you were accused of a crime as a result of protecting yourself or someone else, your defense may depend upon effectively proving that you acted in self-defense.

Are suspect lineups accurate?

If you or a loved one is suspected by law enforcement of committing a crime, authorities may use a number of techniques to establish evidence and build a case against you. Witness accounts and identifications may be taken in an effort to illustrate your involvement in the incident in question, and such efforts may involve the use of police lineups. That is why it is important to not only understand how lineup identifications are constructed but why they must be considered with a degree of skepticism.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and felony offense?

While most people may assume that misdemeanor and felony charges are associated with specific offenses, that is only partially true. Connecticut state and federal guidelines impose a number of stipulations on determining whether any given offense should be classified as a misdemeanor or felony, and the consequences associated with both types of criminal charge can depend on the circumstances of your case. That is why it is important for you to understand how misdemeanor and felony offenses are distinguished under the law.

Connecticut hazing incidents raise serious concerns

While Connecticut state and federal policies strictly prohibit criminal acts of physical intimidation and violence, some forms of aggression are condoned and even encouraged by mainstream society. Every year, teenagers and young adults are accused of hazing and other initiation practices, which results in them being charged with a crime in some cases. However, some doubt whether hazing should be considered an offense at all.

Considering Connecticut’s early release program

The immediate and long-term effects that a criminal conviction has on a person’s life are often profound. Not only do many people have a difficult time reentering into society after spending an extended amount of time in prison but countless people face discrimination on the basis of their criminal conviction. That is why civil rights advocates and criminal defense attorneys continually research and promote programs to cut crime, while encouraging reduced sentences and inmate rehabilitation.

Understanding probable cause

Citizens in the state of Connecticut and all other states across the country are protected against unlawful arrest, as well as search and seizure. As a result, law enforcement officers are obligated to abide by a number of guidelines outlining if and when they have the authority to search and arrest civilians. Probable cause plays a large role in determining whether or not an arrest can be made under specific circumstances.

Personal recordings in criminal defense

While the majority of Stamford, Connecticut, residents know that they have constitutional rights, many may not fully understand how those rights apply and are protected under the law. Too often it is not until a person is charged with a crime that he or she learns that civil liberties are infringe upon every day, and that there are instances where the law is misinterpreted by authorities.

Connecticut man will seek damages for wrongful conviction

Thousands of people are convicted of serious crimes every year. And while criminal convictions should always be based on facts and compelling evidence, there are instances where the decision of the jury does not reflect the truth of the case. That is why the work of knowledgeable Connecticut defense attorneys continues to be invaluable even after a prison sentence is issued.

Criminal conviction overturned for lack of evidence

Every American has the right to say what they believe without fear of retaliation or persecution. Similarly, people are also entitled to legal protections ensuring their right to a fair and unbiased trial. Sometimes, however, peoples’ words are used against them and they may be placed in the position to defend themselves against a criminal charge in a Connecticut courtroom.

New search warrant policies may bolster defense

Connecticut state and federal guidelines address protocols for conducting legal searches of suspects. Law enforcement officers must conform to the law and are only allowed to conduct physical searches under specific circumstances and with a search warrant in hand in many cases. Until now, however, there were doubts as to whether or not authorities had the right to search cell phones without a warrant.

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