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Violent Crimes Archives

Multiple felony charges filed against 5 people in New Haven

When people in New Haven are arrested and charged with committing a felony crime such as murder, they face severe penalties if convicted. These penalties often include prison time and financial restitution as well as the stigma of having a felony record. Family members also pay a price as the person convicted of a violent crime may be the provider for the family and they are separated from their loved one.

What is considered a violent crime in Connecticut?

While both violent and non-violent crimes can have serious consequences, though the penalties associated with the former are often more severe. If you have been charged with a crime, you should understand how Connecticut categorizes it and what repercussions you could face.

Connecticut man arrested after fight with brother

Not everyone who has been accused of a violent crime is a habitual offender. Some Stamford residents who are facing violent crime charges may not have had any previous convictions. In the heat of the moment, when someone is angry or upset, it can be all too easy to lose control and make threats or lash out in violence. Even if the intended target escapes injury, the other person can end up facing assault charges.

Why you should seek aid if falsely accused of a violent crime

When it comes to violent domestic crimes, even an accusation can be enough to turn your entire life upside down. Because of that, we at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso understand that you would like to do whatever you can to fight against the claims that have been spoken against you.

An introduction to manslaughter charges

Every day across the state of Connecticut and the entire country people are accused of committing violent crimes. The circumstances surrounding an incident are typically taken into consideration by authorities when issuing criminal charges and can play a large role in the nature of a criminal trial. Anyone charged with manslaughter can benefit from understanding what such accusations imply and how they are regarded under the law.

Defending violent crime cases

With over 25 years of invaluable experience in criminal law, Joseph J. Colarusso understands the various stages of the violent crime defense process. If you or a loved one were accused of committing any kind of violent crime, it’s important for you to know the role of the criminal defense attorney at each stage of court proceedings.

Columbia touted as safest in state

Sociology experts, victims’ rights groups, and criminal defense attorneys are all interested in learning what factors contribute to incidents of crime in any given community. Not only does understanding the nature of criminal activity help to prevent unlawful acts, but it can also go a long way to educate the public and provide necessary resources to community members vulnerable to criminal influence. That is why it is worth looking at crime rate statistics among Connecticut communities.

Criminal accusations in sports

Thousands of people throughout the state of Connecticut play sports on the recreational, semi-professional or professional level. And the majority of athletes may agree that practically any sport is associated with a degree of danger. High-contact sports and/or those involving high speeds often result in the most number of injuries sustained by athletes, and some incidents are even linked to the death of players. When an athlete is involved in an injury or fatality accident, his or her actions and intentions at the time of the incident can play a major role in determining if he or she will be charged with a violent crime.

Teenager faces accusations for firework death

Every year, countless people across the state of Connecticut and the entire country are accused of committing serious crimes. Still, people in such situations are often eligible to post bail, giving them the opportunity to work and live their everyday lives unless or until they are prohibited from doing so.

Juries supposedly educated on threat of violence

The effectiveness of the Connecticut criminal justice system depends upon the objectivity of juries across the state. In order for a fair and just verdict to be cast, the jury must be willing to accept the facts of the case, and apply the law in the most reasonable way possible. One assault case highlights the controversial use of shooting simulators to educate grand juries, as defense attorneys and civil rights advocates alike raise concerns over the practice’s potential to skew jurors’ judgment in a case.

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