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Violent Crimes Archives

Death penalty for murder charges overturned in one case

Even in instances where an individual has already been convicted of a serious offense in the state of Connecticut, it is the duty of the defense attorney to ensure that the basis of their client’s conviction and sentencing is valid. If there is any doubt that the defendant’s conviction and/or sentencing are appropriate under the law, his or her defense team must have the opportunity to file an appeal and prove their case. One man that was scheduled to be executed for murder was recently saved by the efforts of his defense attorneys, since they successfully proved that he may suffer from a mental disability.

Inmate claims he acted out of threat of violence

Despite the fact that prisons are intended to house criminals and combat violence, they continue to be places where violent acts occur. Hundreds of inmates are involved and/or injured in violent altercations in prisons every year, and many are forced to live in fear for their safety with few options to improve their situation. And given that many inmates do not receive the legal or mental health services they need, they can find themselves in increasingly unsafe conditions. One Connecticut inmate now faces charges for a violent crime he allegedly committed in prison even though he claims he was acting in self-defense.

Carjacking passenger faces murder charges

Dangerous situations can escalate very quickly, leaving those involved with few opportunities to respond to or remove themselves from the conflict. And in instances where one individual involves another in an illegal act, the so-called accomplice may not even be fully aware of what they’re participating in until it’s too late. Unfortunately, however, Connecticut law enforcement and prosecutors are known to hold an accomplice equally responsible for a violent crime in some instances. Even though she may have only been a passenger in the vehicle, one woman now faces multiple felony charges for her alleged involvement in a recent carjacking.

Reacting to a threat of violence

These days, it’s difficult to deny that the potential for violence is very real in schools and other institutions across the state of Connecticut, not to mention the entire country. In fact, the public is taught to be mindful of their surroundings at all times and always be aware of suspect behavior. And while it has become the responsibility of every citizen to be vigilant against criminal activity, more pressure than ever is being placed on school administrators and staff. Accusations against one school principal over his response to the potential threat of a violent crime serve as a reminder that individuals can be held accountable for how they react to certain scenarios.

Rape accusations may be rescinded, but not forgotten

Any time someone is accused of a serious and/or violent crime, they can be wrongfully subject to judgment by their peers and the public as a whole. And in places like Stamford, Connecticut, accusations of rape carry a degree of stigma that can be difficult to overcome even in the event that the alleged offender is vindicated. One young man has found himself in the unfortunate position of defending his innocence even though he has technically been cleared of all charges against him.

Demolition tragedy results in murder charges

Tragic accidents happen every day in Connecticut. Construction sites in particular can be especially volatile, as aging structures and unanticipated hazards can contribute to dangerous scenarios. In the event that a construction accident occurs, workers on-site can be held responsible for any injuries and/or damage in some instances. Even though he had no direct contact with the accident victims, one man is facing multiple murder charges for his alleged role in a demolition accident.

Exoneration may await four women convicted on assault charges

Science continues to evolve every day and shapes investigation and defense techniques and as it does. Anyone accused of a crime in places like Stamford, Connecticut, and beyond can benefit from advancements in science, as they often have the potential to redefine how evidence is collected and analyzed. For instance, four women that were convicted on assault charges years ago were finally released from prison recently because of newer, more accurate testing processes.

Celebrity MD's prison sentence cut short

Facing the prospect of a criminal conviction can be incredibly emotionally and physically stressful. For all the people in places like Stamford, Connecticut, and beyond that may be confronted with a prison sentence, it’s important to understand that sentencing does not necessarily mean that the defendant will spend that amount of time behind bars. A recent high-profile case involving a medical doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter illustrates how sentencing procedures and state policies can influence actual prison terms.

Criminal conviction may be overturned by new trial

The American criminal justice system dictates that everyone, no matter their upbringing or family background, is entitled to sound legal representation and a fair trial. If anyone accused of a violent crime is not granted access to quality representation, any judgment made against them can be considered suspect or even void in some instances. Years after his conviction for allegedly murdering a woman in Connecticut, one man’s pleas for a new trial were finally granted recently.

Criminal conviction may depend on jury selection

In the state of Connecticut and beyond, prosecutors and defense attorneys alike recognize the significance jury selection can play in the process and outcome of a trial. In most instances, plaintiffs and defendants benefit from a jury that represents diversity and objectivity. In fact, achieving a fair verdict in almost any violent crime case depends upon the jury being open-minded and willing to see both sides of the case. That is why some attorneys are tempted to populate the jury pool with individuals that may rule in their favor. One case in particular illustrates how the process of jury selection may be manipulated to achieve a certain outcome.

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