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Violent Crimes Archives

Police officer may have aided in violent crimes

Law enforcement in the state of Connecticut and elsewhere are responsible for adhering to strict guidelines regarding interactions with potential suspects and/or victims. For instance, they are required to properly identify individuals they meet. And while some scenarios may seem trivial, officers are still expected to follow their department’s policies. The actions of one police officer are now under scrutiny, since his possible negligence may have contributed to a violent crime.

Major criminal conviction overturned

In Connecticut and every other state in the union, the criminal justice system functions on the premise that convictions must be based on credible and compelling evidence, not conjecture or assumptions. The most recent ruling made in relation to a major murder case illustrates that justice can prevail for suspects, even in instances when one's fate may seem sealed. 

One gamer’s threat of violence results in jail time

Never before has people’s words and actions been vulnerable to so much public scrutiny. Between social media, online gaming, and other virtual forums, much of what we say and do has become public domain, resulting in a multitude of legal issues. Essentially, what you say in Stamford, Connecticut, may be heard around the world. A real-life, and real scary, example of a person’s words leading to criminal charges involves a teenage boy who is currently serving jail time for allegedly threatening to commit a violent crime while playing a video game.

Inmate faces murder charges in cold case

Thousands of serious crimes go unsolved each year in this country. And while technology and investigative techniques continue to improve, time is often of the essence when it comes to accurately and effectively handling a violent crime case. There are many factors that are vulnerable to age. For instance, the integrity of evidence can deteriorate and witness accounts can change. That’s why accusations that result from cold case investigations must be scrutinized and handled with care by Connecticut prosecutors and defense teams alike.

Some prosecutors withhold evidence to get a criminal conviction

The American criminal justice system is built on the foundation that every defendant is innocent until proven otherwise in the court of law. Similarly, defendants are granted due process and the burden of proof largely falls on the plaintiff in most instances. And while it is up to both sides in any Connecticut criminal case to construct a convincing argument, both must abide by certain policies to promote fairness and transparency. However, for many defendants facing serious and violent crime charges, the system may give prosecutors the upper hand in achieving unscrupulous convictions.

Man could face criminal conviction in deadly car accident

When fatal accidents occur, communities often reel from the unexpected loss. An accident that took two lives stirred emotions in Milford, Connecticut. And now that more personal information is being released about the defendant in the case, questions about his responsibility for the tragic events must be posed.

Stamford teens arrested using photos posted on social media sites

Social media sites are popular ways for teenagers to connect with one another and stay informed as to what is going on. Teens often post photos and videos of themselves with posts that share important events or to get attention. However, law enforcement is also finding that social media sites can be sources of knowledge in solving cases involving violent crime acts.

Norwalk man pleads guilty to sexual assault of minor

When someone commits a crime and is convicted of that crime, there are penalties that must be paid. Sometimes, a person who is guilty of a crime can negotiate an agreement with authorities in which they agree to admit they committed the offense in return for a lesser prison sentence. In fact, the majority of criminal cases are often resolved through a plea deal.

Cellphone argument in Stamford ends with stabbing

When a fight involving multiple people takes place, there are bound to be as many versions of the events as there are participants. When a group of people is involved in an altercation and one of those people is seriously injured, it is likely that an assault charge against one or more of the participants is going to be filed. However, as our readers in Stamford know, being charged with a crime is very different from being convicted of a crime.

Bridgeport man charged with assault for attack on Stamford man

Many people in Stamford have strong relationships with their family, especially their siblings. When a sibling is attacked in any way, it is only natural to want to come to their defense. However, it would be wise to stop and take a breath before letting your emotions get the best of you. These kinds of conflicts can easily escalate into heated accusations and actions that result in someone getting hurt.

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