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Domestic brawl results in assault charges

In incidents where a physical altercation occurs, successfully proving that an individual acted out of self-defense can be increasingly difficult unless someone else witnessed the fight. And in cases where family members are involved, emotions can run especially high and make it difficult for Connecticut authorities to determine exactly what happened and why.

Rape charges filed against 3 high school students

Offenses committed by young people are receiving more attention than ever since several high-profile cases involving children and teenagers have been in the news recently. And with the added attention comes increased scrutiny over how to approach and prosecute these types of criminal cases. It’s for that reason that it is so important that any child or teenager accused of a crime in Stamford, Connecticut, has access to the legal advice and representation of an experienced criminal law attorney. Investigators in one case involving three high school students charged with rape admitted to holding off on filing charges until they had all the evidence they wanted.

Criminal conviction overturned in murder case

It is the responsibility of every criminal defense attorney in the state of Connecticut and beyond to act in the best interests of their client at all times. Part of that duty involves educating the client about the factors of their case and informing them of their legal rights and options, in addition to representing them in court. That is why it is always recommended that anyone facing criminal charges seek the sound legal counsel of an experienced and trusted attorney. Fortunately for one young man that was convicted of murder, a state supreme court fully acknowledged the inadequacies of his legal representation and overturned his criminal conviction.

Multimillion dollar suit follows overturned criminal conviction

The Connecticut state and federal criminal law systems are designed to safeguard the rights of both plaintiffs and defendants. As such, an individual identified as a defendant in a criminal case is to be viewed as innocent of any and all charges against him or her unless or until it’s proven otherwise. Unfortunately, however, the system is not always just and innocent people can face the prospect of wrongful criminal conviction. Now that his name has been officially cleared of involvement in a murder that occurred more than a decade ago, one man is fighting to hold those accountable for his wrongful conviction.

Could criminal conviction be based on unfortunate nickname?

While every defendant is technically innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, the integrity of a defense case can be compromised by first impressions and public opinion. There are instances where jurors can be influenced, however unconsciously, by factors that are irrelevant to the case itself, making it difficult for the defendant to receive a fair trial. One man found guilty of murder in Connecticut continues to question his conviction because he was referred to as “Killer” several times during his trial.

Minority group criminal-conviction rates prompt new legislation

While the intended purpose of the Connecticut criminal justice system is to implement and enforce laws in a fair and objective manner, there is evidence to suggest that prejudice and discrimination have infiltrated the criminal justice system on a local and national level. Serious measures must be taken to ensure that everyone is equally protected under the law. Arrest and criminal conviction rates in one particular county in one state serve as a poignant example of the shortcomings of the legal system.

Criminal conviction possible for executive accused in hotel deaths

When a Stamford, Connecticut, property owner or manager hires someone to perform a repair and/or maintenance on their property, they take responsibility for the work completed in many cases. That is not to say, however, that property owners are knowledgeable or experienced enough to identify whether or not the work was done correctly in many cases. Unfortunately, there are instances where property managers are held accountable for the poor judgment and work of others. In one extreme case, a hotel executive now faces assault and other criminal charges for his alleged involvement in four cases of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Inmate abuse probe may result in assault charges

No matter the severity of the accusations against them, every individual that is apprehended by law enforcement in Connecticut has the right to a reasonable degree of safety. In fact, it’s the responsibility of law enforcement and prison guards to provide prisoners with a clean and safe environment. If it is suspected that law enforcement officers are neglecting and/or exploiting their position of authority over inmates in any way, they themselves may face serious charges. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently investigating allegations that police deputies in California may have abused some prisoners, raising concerns over assault and coercion.

Criminal conviction overturned almost a decade later

In criminal trials, both the prosecution and defense teams have the responsibility to argue their case compellingly and do everything in their power to represent their side. Hundreds of trials play out in Connecticut court rooms every year, and many involve a great deal of concrete evidence as well as speculation. Building a solid case based on facts and reliable testimony is key to ensuring a fair trial and verdict. Unfortunately, though, there are instances where prosecutors compromise the integrity of their case in an effort to achieve a favorable ruling. One man may finally have his life back after almost 10 years, since an appeals court recently overturned his murder conviction.

Father seeks pardon years after criminal conviction

In criminal cases that play out in Connecticut and beyond, defendants often rely heavily on the advice and expertise of their legal representatives. As a result, the actions of defense attorneys can play a large role in the outcome of the case. And in some instances, a potential murder conviction may rest on the quality of trial defense. Having already served years in prison for a crime he claims he didn’t commit, one defendant is seeking pardon on the basis of innocence and poor representation.

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