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Serious accusations made against cop in motorcycle gang incident

Undercover police officers in places like Stamford, Connecticut, may understand how difficult it can be to adhere to the duties of the job. Often times, undercover officers are expected not to reveal their true identities until their specific mission is completed. That means, however, that sometimes undercover officers are forced to allow illegal acts to happen. One undercover police detective is now facing criminal charges for his alleged role in a motorcycle gang assault incident, even though he contends that he was only following protocol.

Decades' old rape case may test sympathies

Too often, criminal prosecution teams rely on sentiment and conjecture in place of concrete evidence to build a case. In these instances, the defendant may be vilified by prosecutors in an effort to sway the opinion of the jury, and even the public. That’s why it can be so imperative that the defense team ground the trial and provide context to actual events that occurred. While the verdict is yet to be decided, a recent rape trial in Stamford, Connecticut, illustrates how some prosecutors attempt to seek a conviction from little to no substantial evidence.

Violent crimes victims and defendants may benefit from new laws

The rights of crime victims and defendants are intrinsically linked, as both depend on a fair and objective legal system. Legislation instituted to account for the rights of one party often affects the other, and both may be subject to the impact of current events. One recent Connecticut tragedy has inspired new policies to protect violent crime victims and their loved ones, while possibly safeguarding defendants’ rights as well.

Health of man facing murder charges raises concern over trial

There are several state and federal policies addressing the health and wellbeing of criminal suspects in this country. The rights of murder suspects must be upheld at all times, and part of safeguarding those rights is protecting a defendant from the risk of injury or illness. For instance, the compromised health of one murder suspect in Danbury, Connecticut, may prohibit him of being expected to stand trial.

Stamford man arrested for burglaries after his dog identified

When a criminal defense team works for a client, one aspect of their role is to make sure that law enforcement did their job correctly. This might involve looking at the way evidence was collected, whether there is any concrete evidence that the person committed the crime and if any rights of the person were violated during the criminal case investigation. During the criminal trial, they then have the opportunity to ask all the questions and point out legal weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Bridgeport man charged with kidnapping after PCP high

Sometimes violent crimes can be traced back to an addiction to drugs, indicating that a person may not have been in the right frame of mind at the time of the incident. People have faced murder charges, robbery, assault and other violent allegations after ingesting, inhaling, or shooting up with illegal drugs. While a criminal conviction means that the person is often handed a prison sentence, it must be wondered whether it would be better to treat the person's addiction and ask if they would have behaved in the same manner if they were not under the influence of a powerful stimulant.

Arrest warrants for burglary in preparation for Stamford man

When authorities make allegations against someone in Stamford for criminal acts, one of the first things that they may do is try to locate that person to bring them in as a person of interest or to arrest them. Once the criminal charge is made, then that person can post bail, or may be held in the county jail until the trial takes place, depending on the nature of the crime. At that time, the criminal defense team will have a chance to disprove the charges or may advise the client to take a plea deal in order to get a better sentence.

2 Stamford teens arrested for alleged assault of teachers

In years past, incidents involving students that took place at school were often handled at school. Students who were involved in potentially illegal or dangerous activity were usually sent to the dean of students or principal's office to face their punishment -- whether that was detention, suspension or expulsion.

Stamford man convicted of friend's robbery and murder

It is the role of a defense attorney to ensure that his client receives a fair trial. This is not easy if the alleged crime is a violent one such as rape or murder. Even after a client may have been convicted and a prison sentence has been given, the defense attorney's job is not over for there may be appeals to file. The ability of a convicted person to appeal a court's decision gives them the opportunity to search for further proof of their innocence or show that there was not enough conclusive evidence to prove their guilt.

Mother charged with manslaughter for calling 911 too late

A Connecticut woman is facing manslaughter charges in Hartford after her 15-year-old son died of an overdose. Manslaughter charges arise in cases where a defendant did not intentionally cause a death, but may have been responsible for acting negligently. In this case, a 42-year-old mother has been charged with second-degree manslaughter, negligent homicide and three counts of risk of injury to a minor after her son died from an alcohol and morphine overdose.

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