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Connecticut authorities arrest two over drugs

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2015 | Uncategorized

When someone is charged with distribution of drugs, drug manufacturing or drug possession, they may be unsure of how to deal with the situation. After all, drug charges can present serious consequences and some suspects may be unsure of their rights or how to approach the legal system. As a result, those who have been charged with a drug crime in Stamford or any other Connecticut city should carefully assess the details of their circumstances and make sure they understand their legal options.

Law enforcement officials recently took two Connecticut men into custody in Danbury after allegedly finding crack cocaine while searching the men and their vehicles. According to police, investigators had singled out one of the men as an alleged drug dealer when they reportedly found another man selling drugs nearby.

Police obtained search-and-seizure warrants for one of the suspects following complaints in the neighborhood and an investigation which spanned several weeks. Police also say that additional drugs along with drug paraphernalia were discovered in the suspect’s apartment after the two men were apprehended.

From spending time behind bars to a criminal record that may haunt them for years to come, life may not ever return to normal for people who have been accused of committing a drug crime if they are convicted. Since drug offenses can carry significant penalties, people who have found themselves in this tough position should try to determine the smartest path forward and make sure their case is presented properly in court. For some, talking to a knowledgeable attorney may be an intelligent decision.

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