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September 2015 Archives

Connecticut man accused of DUI

From prison time to stiff financial penalties and a criminal record that may haunt people for the rest of their life, a DUI conviction can have serious ramifications. As a result, those who are facing drunk driving charges should make sure they approach their case correctly. Furthermore, in Stamford, Connecticut, and across the U.S., some people are wrongfully accused of driving under the influence, which can make the situation all the more upsetting. Unfortunately, some of these innocent drivers have had to pay for a crime they never committed.

Connecticut man charged with marijuana possession

From hefty fines to time behind bars, drug crime convictions can lead to serious consequences. In Stamford, Connecticut, and across the United States, people who have been accused of a drug offense should closely evaluate their situation and make sure they handle their case properly. In some instances, those facing drug charges are able to prove their innocence or reduce charges by presenting their case appropriately in court.

What is the legal limit in Connecticut?

When someone is charged with drunk driving, their life may never be the same. If they are convicted, they may face harsh penalties including jail time, costly fines and license revocation. Furthermore, they may experience a social stigma, lose their job or struggle to find work after being convicted of driving under the influence. As a result, it is critical for people in Stamford, and throughout the entire state of Connecticut, to understand the legal limit and make sure they avoid driving while intoxicated. Furthermore, if you think that you may have been wrongfully charged with DUI, taking the right steps forward is essential.

Taking a look at domestic violence statistics

For many Americans, domestic violence charges can virtually ruin their life, even if they are not guilty. From arrest to a damaged reputation and criminal record, there are many reasons why accusations of family violence often spell disaster. Domestic violence convictions often carry other serious consequences as well, such as jail time and broken relationships with children and other relatives. As a result, in Stamford, and across Connecticut, it is important for those who are facing allegations of domestic violence to comprehensively evaluate their situation.

Connecticut woman charged with DUI

When a driver is charged with DUI, their life many change instantly. For example, they may have problems with family members and friends, or lose their job. As if the potential social ramifications of a DUI charge aren't difficult enough, a conviction may mean prison time and stiff fines. Furthermore, when someone is convicted of drunk driving in Stamford, Connecticut, their criminal record may have a negative impact on their job prospects and lead to other financial difficulties that will follow them around for many years to come.

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