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Connecticut man charged with marijuana possession

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2015 | Uncategorized

From hefty fines to time behind bars, drug crime convictions can lead to serious consequences. In Stamford, Connecticut, and across the United States, people who have been accused of a drug offense should closely evaluate their situation and make sure they handle their case properly. In some instances, those facing drug charges are able to prove their innocence or reduce charges by presenting their case appropriately in court.

Connecticut authorities recently charged a 20-year-old man from Stratford with marijuana possession and also accused him of interfering with a law enforcement official. The man, who was taken into custody, has an upcoming court appearance scheduled in Norwalk.

Authorities say that the man was riding as a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over in Stratford just after 2:15 a.m. After stopping the vehicle, a law enforcement official allegedly saw drug paraphernalia and marijuana on the suspect’s pants and next to the vehicle’s door. After the man reportedly refused to step out of the vehicle, the official tried to open the door but the suspect allegedly pulled it shut two times.

When it comes to drug charges, there are many crimes that people are accused of committing, such as drug manufacturing, drug possession and drug distribution. However, it is imperative for people who have been charged with these types of crimes to understand that every situation is unique and the penalties for these crimes can vary. In order to pinpoint the best course of action, some people benefit from reaching out to an attorney for assistance.

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