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January 2019 Archives

Can you be charged with DUI while not driving?

It seems pretty simple to evade a DUI. If you happen to be intoxicated and in your vehicle, you just pull over and park. However, Connecticut case law has established that police, under certain circumstances, may still arrest and charge a person with being under the influence even if the person is not actually driving on the road. This cannot happen under a DUI, but it may under an OUI, also known as operating under the influence.

Why do people falsely confess to committing crimes?

It seems hard to imagine why someone would admit to committing a crime even though the person is innocent, and yet as the Innocence Project points out, one out of every four people who have been exonerated of criminal convictions due to DNA evidence had made false confessions of guilt in the first place. People in Connecticut should be aware of why people falsely confess and how to prevent making such admissions in the first place.

What are the consequences of domestic violence charges?

With trouble in your marriage, the last thing you would want in Connecticut would be to face domestic violence charges. Apart from the possibility of getting a persistent mark on your criminal record, there are some short-term consequences that could have serious impacts on other matters of the law.

Connecticut considering “opioid courts” to address epidemic

As a resident of Connecticut who is grappling with an addiction to opioids, first, recognize that you are not alone in your struggles. Opioid addiction has become an increasingly pervasive problem across the state and nation, killing hundreds of Connecticut residents each year, and the issue has become so widespread that a task force now exists to determine how the state can best combat the problem. Attorney Joseph J. Colarusso recognizes that criminal behavior often stems from drug addiction, and we have helped many criminal offenders with drug addictions pursue solutions that meet their needs.

What are the long-term consequences of DUI convictions?

If a court were to convict you — or if you were to plead guilty — to a DUI charge in Connecticut, you would probably face a number of consequences. Some of these could last quite a long time. What they are exactly, and how long they follow you through your life, could depend largely on what you did before, during and after your involvement with the court.

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