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What are the consequences of domestic violence charges?

With trouble in your marriage, the last thing you would want in Connecticut would be to face domestic violence charges. Apart from the possibility of getting a persistent mark on your criminal record, there are some short-term consequences that could have serious impacts on other matters of the law.

Specifically, a domestic violence charge or conviction could work toward furthering your spouse’s interests in a divorce case. Issues such as child custody, spousal support and child support are often settled with at least partial consideration of criminal or violent behavior.

Even if your marriage remained unaffected, you could still see some changes in your household. For example, if you were the respondent of a restraining order, a court could order you to maintain mortgage, car loan and health insurance payments — even if you were unable to live in your home or see your family for the duration of the order. As described in the Connecticut statutes, the restraint document would also probably contain other specific prohibitions:

  • Terminating utilities
  • Canceling or modifying policies
  • Obstructing access to certain assets

However, there are limits on the power of these types of orders and accusations. A court would probably not issue any type of financial directive if it did not have proof that you could pay, among other limitations. 

There are typically several options for court officials in any given situation. In many instances, judges could be lenient if they had a reason, or if case law precedent allowed. Every domestic violence accusation is different, so please only think of this as general information. It is not meant as legal advice of any kind.

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