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July 2016 Archives

Connecticut man accused of assaulting patients

When it comes to sexual assault, domestic assault and other types of assault charges, there are many elements to consider. For people accused of these offenses in Stamford, and the entire state of Connecticut, prison time and a lasting stigma often destroys futures. As a result, carefully assessing all legal options on the table is of the essence for anyone accused of assault.

Connecticut man facing domestic violence allegations

When some people think of domestic violence charges, they picture violence or a significant fight. However, it is important to keep in mind that even relatively minor disputes can lead to domestic violence allegations that utterly destroy an individual's life. In Stamford, and other communities in Connecticut, some may be surprised to find themselves in the middle of a domestic violence case. Sometimes, details are exaggerated, or they may be entirely false. For example, someone who is bitter about something unrelated to an alleged domestic incident may decide to falsely accuse another individual of hurting or threatening them.

The long-term impact of underage DUI charges

When it comes to underage drunk driving charges, there are all sorts of issues that you may want to consider if you are under the legal drinking age or are the parent of a driver who was charged with underage DUI. At the Stamford, Connecticut law firm of Joseph J. Colarusso, we know all too well how devastating underage DUI charges can be. Aside from possible time behind bars and harsh fines, these charges could lead to other consequences that may have a long-term impact on a young person.

How are ignition interlock devices enforced?

In a recent post on this blog, an overview of Connecticut's ignition interlock device program was provided. If you are facing drunk driving charges or have already been required to use an ignition interlock device, you may have all sorts of questions related to the program, such as how these devices and ignition interlock laws are enforced. In Stamford, and cities all around the state, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the law and avoid legal problems related to ignition interlock devices.

Drug task force searches Connecticut home

When authorities raid a home over drugs, a number of issues may arise. Sometimes, people may find themselves accused of a drug crime that they did not commit in the first place. Additionally, details related to the search of their home may be inaccurate. In Stamford, Connecticut, and throughout the nation, people who are charged with an offense related to drugs often face significant consequences that completely change their life. For example, those charged with drug crimes may go to prison for a number of years, be required to pay hefty fines or have a stigma that will follow them around for the rest of their life due to their criminal record.

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