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Connecticut man facing domestic violence allegations

When some people think of domestic violence charges, they picture violence or a significant fight. However, it is important to keep in mind that even relatively minor disputes can lead to domestic violence allegations that utterly destroy an individual’s life. In Stamford, and other communities in Connecticut, some may be surprised to find themselves in the middle of a domestic violence case. Sometimes, details are exaggerated, or they may be entirely false. For example, someone who is bitter about something unrelated to an alleged domestic incident may decide to falsely accuse another individual of hurting or threatening them.

A city councilman from Connecticut was recently apprehended over an alleged domestic dispute. Officials responded to his home after receiving complaints about an argument and reportedly found the councilman and his wife arguing. Authorities say the councilman was intoxicated when they arrived.

According to law enforcement officials, the councilman’s spouse said that he attempted to take a TV and cable box out of her room during the fight. When he was taken into custody and asked for his name, authorities say he would only disclose that he was a councilman. Additionally, the 49-year-old councilman is not allowed to contact his wife due to a protective order.

Even after a domestic violence case is closed, the allegations can affect the accused for the rest of their life regardless of the outcome of their case. After all, these allegations carry a harsh stigma and often spell disaster for those facing charges. People struggling with this may want to think about consulting a legal professional.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Councilman accused of domestic violence,” Daniel Tepfer, July 12, 2016

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