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What are the long-term consequences of DUI convictions?

If a court were to convict you — or if you were to plead guilty — to a DUI charge in Connecticut, you would probably face a number of consequences. Some of these could last quite a long time. What they are exactly, and how long they follow you through your life, could depend largely on what you did before, during and after your involvement with the court.

The first general rule is that you would probably want to avoid any sort of conviction. This could entail any number of strategies; The details of your case and your DUI history would probably determine your options here. Of course, guilty pleas could, in select special cases, form an essential part of a larger plan to mitigate various losses you might incur. However, you would almost always want to take time to weigh the long-term consequences of a plea versus any other alternatives.

If you were to receive a guilty verdict in a DUI case, there would likely be far-reaching results that could change your life. For example, some employers could choose to pass you over in favor of a candidate with a clean record. Educational opportunities could close, including some scholarships. Even some countries might not welcome you so readily as a tourist after a criminal conviction.

You could have options to repair and clean your criminal record after the fact, but it is a long process that often depends on your fulfillment of all of the terms of your sentence. Additionally, as mentioned on FindLaw, you would have to wait three to five years before filing your first expungement paperwork.

Laws change frequently, so having the most current information is often essential to secure the greatest chance of success. Please do not regard this as legal advice. It is only basic information.

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