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Multiple felony charges filed against 5 people in New Haven

When people in New Haven are arrested and charged with committing a felony crime such as murder, they face severe penalties if convicted. These penalties often include prison time and financial restitution as well as the stigma of having a felony record. Family members also pay a price as the person convicted of a violent crime may be the provider for the family and they are separated from their loved one.

After police arrived at a park in Hamden, they discovered a man’s body with explosive material that included caps and steel pipe fragments. The man had been shot multiple times, although the reason for the killing was unclear. After he had been shot, authorities allege, a pipe bomb was then used to blow him up. It is unclear how law enforcement traced the man’s murder to five people he lived with in New Haven. The group had been under watch by law enforcement in an investigation concerning narcotics.

Now four of those people have been charged with drug offenses, evidence tampering, conspiracy to commit murder and hindering prosecution. The fifth man has been charged with several charges relating to the death of the housemate, including murder. Law enforcement has not released any information as to what evidence they had collected which indicated the people were involved.

Evidence plays an important role in any criminal defense case and it is important for people to make sure that the evidence was correctly collected and tested. A good defense attorney can help people understand how a criminal investigation works and take measures to make sure that their rights are protected.

Source: Reuters, “Five arrested in 4th of July Connecticut shooting, bombing death,” Richard Weizel, July 14, 2015

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