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Connecticut man apprehended over drugs

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2015 | Firm News

From drug trafficking to drug possession and drug manufacturing, there are many types of drug offenses that suspects are charged with. While the details of each case varies, life may change in an instant for people who have found themselves in this position. In Stamford, and other cities across Connecticut, people who have been accused of drug-related offenses should closely look into all of their options and may want to consider hiring an experienced defense team that can help ensure they put their best foot forward in the courtroom.

Law enforcement officials in Connecticut recently took a 56-year-old man into custody on a handful of drug charges. After obtaining search warrants, authorities went into his apartment, where they allegedly found crack, methadone, a significant amount of cash and drug paraphernalia.

The suspect is facing a number charges related to the distribution and possession of drugs. Additionally, authorities accuse the man of intending to sell drugs near a school zone. The suspect’s bond has been set at $50,000 and he is scheduled to appear in court in September.

For many people, drug charges can make life incredibly difficult and a conviction may follow them around permanently. Whether they lose their job, are not able to find another job, face problems with family members and friends or spend a considerable amount of time behind bars, drug charges present very serious consequences. Drug suspects who want to ensure that the proper approach is taken may want to think about reaching out to a legal professional for assistance.

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