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When someone is convicted of a drug-related offense, life may never return to normal. On top of losing their job, people who have dealt with this may experience problems with their friends and family members and struggle to find work. Drug charges can also lead to significant jail time, financial penalties and other serious consequences, which highlights the importance of confronting drug charges correctly. At the Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, we strive to help clients who are going through this in Stamford, and other parts of Connecticut.

With regard to drug charges, there are all sorts of factors that must be kept in mind. For example, some people are unlawfully discriminated against by authorities, which in some cases may lead to false accusations of drug possession or drug distribution. Furthermore, suspects are not always treated fairly in court, which is why drug suspects should turn to a defense team that has their back and thoroughly understands the law.

From possession of drug paraphernalia to drug manufacturing, drug-related charges vary and the consequences of a conviction vary. However, drug charges can be extremely overwhelming for many people regardless of the details surrounding their case. For drug suspects who are unsure of which steps to take, consulting a knowledgeable defense team may help provide them with peace of mind and increase the chances of success in the courtroom.

On our drug offenses page, you can develop a better understanding of our firm’s dedication to assisting those who have been accused of a drug crime.

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