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If you have been accused of committing a crime, your life may have been transformed instantly. For example, you may be experiencing challenges with friends, family members or your employer due to the allegations. Unfortunately, some people’s lives are turned upside down because of false allegations and lies and these wrongful accusations may have serious long-term consequences. At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, we reach out to people who are going through this personally and help clients put their best foot forward. In Stamford, Connecticut, it is important for people who have been falsely accused of domestic assault, drug possession or any other crime to closely analyze their legal options and turn to a first-rate defense team they can count on.

When someone is wrongfully convicted of a crime that they never committed, the penalties can still be incredibly harsh. From a considerable amount of prison time to costly fines and permanent damage to an individual’s reputation, life may never be the same for people who have experienced this. Because the consequences of a criminal conviction can be so significant, people who have been falsely accused of a crime involving traffic offenses, theft, drunk driving, drugs or any other type of charge need to take a close look at their case and make sure they have the best course of action identified.

On our criminal defense page, you will find more information on how our law firm lends a hand to clients who have been falsely accused of committing a crime.

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