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What are the potential consequences of a restraining order?

Although restraining orders are supposed to prevent a person from harming another, such as cases of domestic violence, a lot of people have taken advantage of the system by filing for a restraining order that wasn’t necessary or was based on lies. In Stamford and throughout Connecticut, there are too many victims of false accusations of domestic violence. Unfortunately, these allegations can lead to a number of serious consequences that may shatter the lives of those accused. As if the social stigma surrounding domestic violence and a damaged reputation isn’t tough enough, there are a host of other consequences that may affect those who have had a restraining order taken out against them.

According to the official website of the state of Connecticut, violating a restraining order is considered a Class D felony and may result in a $5,000 penalty as well as a five year prison sentence. Furthermore, as of 2015, the violation of a restraining order will be a considered a Class C felony if it involves threats, harassment, physical or sexual assault, molestation or the restriction of an individual’s freedom.

However, it is important to keep in mind that restraining orders often carry a host of other consequences. For example, they may prevent someone from getting a job or being able to see their children. Additionally, restraining orders may lead to a stressful courtroom battle, especially for those who aren’t very familiar with the laws.

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