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How is family violence defined under Connecticut law?

From time behind bars to a shattered reputation, accusations of domestic violence can destroy someone’s life. Unfortunately, in Stamford, and across the state of Connecticut, many people have been falsely accused of family violence, while other cases involve small incidents that were exaggerated and blown out of proportion. For people who are dealing with legal problems related to domestic violence, it is important to understand relevant legal matters, such as how the law defines family violence, and thoroughly review the details surrounding a case.

According to the Connecticut General Assembly, family violence is defined as incidents which involve a household or family member and result in a physical injury or cause an individual to be afraid that a physical injury will likely take place. Without the threat of physical harm, arguments and verbal abuse are not interpreted as family violence. Also, except in cases involving abuse, the disciplining of children who are minors by their parents does not constitute family violence. There are different types of crime that may constitute family violence, such as sexual or physical assault and kidnapping.

If you have been wrongly accused of family violence, you should immediately assess your options and evaluate the details surrounding your case. It is important to be aware of domestic violence laws and present your side of the story properly in the courtroom. After all, these accusations can have a significant impact on your future.

This piece was written to provide information on domestic violence and is not to be interpreted as legal counsel.

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