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What is the Second Chance Society bill

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2016 | Uncategorized

When someone is charged with a drug crime, the consequences can be devastating. Not only do those convicted of a drug offense often face prison time and financial penalties, but many experience a social stigma as well. In Stamford, Connecticut, it is critical for those who have been accused of a drug-related crime to develop a solid understanding of the smartest course of action. Additionally, it is very important to understand the penalties for drug offenses and any legislative changes, such as the Second Chance Society bill.

According to Connecticut’s Official State Website, the Governor recently signed the Second Chance Society bill into law. The legislation will introduce a number of changes that will affect people who are charged with a drug crime or nonviolent and victimless offense. The penalty for drug possession is reduced under the bill and will become a misdemeanor without a mandatory jail sentence (one year maximum sentence). Previously, drug possession was classified as a felony and carried a seven year maximum jail sentence.

While the penalties for drug crimes may have decreased in recent years (in certain states), those charged with a drug offense often continue to face many challenges. Even if those convicted are able to avoid spending time behind bars and not significantly impacted by fines, they may have difficulty applying for a job or experience other challenges as a result of their criminal record. If you are facing a drug charge, closely examining your options is paramount.

This information was put together to provide information on the consequences of a drug conviction and is not to be interpreted as legal counsel.

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