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Can authorities seize my firearms at a domestic violence scene?

When it comes to domestic violence and guns, laws vary from one state to another. According to the Connecticut Judicial Branch, law enforcement officials have the authority to seize your firearms at a domestic violence scene if they find that a family violence crime was committed. If you live in Stamford, or anywhere else in Connecticut, and had a firearm seized due to allegations of domestic violence, you should review your rights.

Under Connecticut law, authorities can seize firearms which are in the possession of anyone who is taken into custody for a domestic violence crime at the scene of the alleged crime. Furthermore, law enforcement officials are also able to seize ammunition and electronic defense weapons at domestic violence scenes if they find that family violence crimes were committed. If your firearm was seized, you should also realize that law enforcement agencies in the state are required to return seized firearms to the legitimate owner within seven days. Moreover, seized firearms, electronic defense weapons and ammunition must be returned in original condition. However, authorities do not have to return firearms, ammunition and electronic defense weapons to individuals who are not eligible to possess them.

In addition to the seizure of firearms, allegations of domestic violence may impact gun owners in other ways. For example, if a protective order is issued against you, you may not be able to purchase a firearm. This information was put together to shed light on the seizure of firearms at domestic violence scenes in Connecticut and is not to be interpreted as legal advice.

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