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How can I reinstate my Connecticut driver’s license?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2016 | Drunk Driving

In Connecticut, a suspended driver’s license can’t be resolved in person, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. In fact, the only way to reinstate a suspended license in the state is by mailing payments and completed documents to the DMV. Before sending any documents to the DMV, you should make sure that your driver’s license has been restored by submitting your information to the state’s online portal and checking the status of your driver’s license. However, if your commercial driver’s license was suspended, you will not be able to check if it has been restored through the DMV’s portal.

In order to reinstate your driver’s license once it has been restored, you will have to send a money order or check in the amount of $175.00 to the DMV, along with any documents that are required (which can be found in your suspension notice). You will also need to give the DMV your date of birth, name and the address at which you are currently living. If you no longer have the same address, you will be required to submit a completed change of address form.

Finally, you should remember the DMV asks for correspondence to be mailed no less than two weeks before the date you will become eligible to resolve your suspended license. Your restoration notice will be sent to the address provided and it typically takes the DMV 10 days to restore licenses after they receive payments. The DMV also has an automated phone system that provides information on how to restore your license or on suspension matters in general.

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