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Reviewing the Family Violence Education Program

From prison time to financial penalties, the consequences of domestic violence accusations can virtually destroy an individual’s life. In Stamford, and other cities across the state of Connecticut, it is critical for people who are facing domestic violence allegations to thoroughly review and understand all of their options. For example, some defendants benefit from the Family Violence Education Program.

Defendants who finish the Family Violence Education Program and satisfy all conditions established by the court can have family violence charges dismissed, according to the Connecticut Judicial Branch. However, defendants need to apply beforehand and courts must approve the applications. FVEP classes take place throughout Connecticut and consist of nine educational meetings which are aimed at preventing family violence. Each meeting is 90 minutes long and these classes allow defendants who have been accused of family violence to avoid trial.

Connecticut’s Official State Website reports that there has been an increase in the number of people referred to the Family Violence Education Program in recent years. 71 percent of participants complete the program and only 13 percent of people are arrested within 12 months of finishing the FVEP. The State of Connecticut claims the FVEP helps people accused of family violence improve skills related to interpersonal relationships.

When it comes to domestic vioence accusations, each case is unique and requires an individual approach. Sometimes, people find themselves in this position even though they never committed a crime. Unfortunately, the consequences of false domestic violence allegations can still damage their reputation and life, which underlines the importance of addressing family violence charges properly.

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