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Connecticut driver posts bond after drunk driving crash

Those charged with drunk driving frequently face an uphill battle. In addition to the numerous consequences associated with DUI charges, such as prison time and stiff fines, friends and family members may disassociate themselves from an individual who is facing these charges. In Stamford, and across the entire state of Connecticut, drunk driving charges may also cause those who are accused to lose their jobs and suffer permanent damage to their career and reputation that they will never be able to recover from. To make matters worse, some people are falsely accused of driving while intoxicated or the details surrounding their case are exaggerated.

A 26-year-old Connecticut man was released from jail after he posted $15,000 bond. The man is accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol and causing a deadly car crash in 2015. Following the accident, officials claim that the man’s BAC level was .19.

According to authorities, the man collided with another vehicle around 2 a.m. in April, 2015. Officials claim that the collision caused the other driver’s vehicle to spin around, trapping the driver and another passenger in the vehicle. Officials say the driver of the other vehicle passed away after suffering mutliple injuries.

When someone is trying to handle DUI charges, it is important for them to consider all of their options and carefully move forward. Sometimes, people who are experiencing these challenges find value in reaching out to a legal professional for assistance. After all, the consequences of a drunk driving charge often follow an individual around for the rest of their life.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Man charged in fatal DUI,” Daniel Tepfer, March 21, 2016

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