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Couple apprehended over identity theft

From prison time to stiff fines, identity theft charges often turn the lives of those accused upside down. Furthermore, when accusations of identity theft follow an individual around on his or her criminal record, they may experience other dilemmas, such as having trouble finding a new job. In Stamford, and across the rest of Connecticut, people who are facing these accusations should make sure they carefully handle the situation.

Authorities took a Florida couple into custody over allegations of identity theft. When conducting a search, law enforcement officials say they found numerous phones, blank cards, a device that encoded credit cards and other items. The couple’s bond has been set at $500,000 (or $200,000 cash).

Officials accuse the couple, a 26-year-old woman and 31-year-old man, of being involved in an identity theft ring that had taken $2 million from over 40 people. Prosecutors accuse the couple of primarily targeting seniors and using their identities to travel, purchase electronics, eat at pricey restaurants and buy clothes.

In addition to the serious consequences associated with identity theft charges, it is important to remember that far too many false accusations of identity theft have arisen in the digital age. Whether people are dealing with a former roommate who has wrongfully accused them of stealing their identity or false allegations resulting from the anonymity and murkiness of the internet, it is absolutely essential for people going through this to carefully review their legal options and protect their interests. Sometimes, contacting an attorney may be very beneficial for people who are facing these charges and want to develop a better understanding of their options.

Source: New York Daily News, “Bikini model, 26, accused of being part of $2M identity theft ring,” Shayna Jacobs and John Annese, April 6, 2016

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