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Connecticut officials apprehend drug suspects

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2016 | Uncategorized

From the simple possession of small amounts of marijuana or drug paraphernalia to drug manufacturing and distribution, there are various offenses involving drugs that people find themselves accused of. When it comes to drug crimes, the penalties can vary widely, but many people have had their futures taken away from them due to drug charges. As a result, people who are facing these allegations should be sure to take a close look at their options before moving forward.

Authorities apprehended three people in Connecticut during a recent drug bust that took place in Black Rock. The bust, which involved state police, local authorities and the FBI, was the result of an ongoing investigation. The suspects, whose bond was set at $75,000, are scheduled to appear in court during September.

According to law enforcement officials, authorities found over 1,000 heroin bags that were ready to be sold, more than one pound of marijuana, thousands of dollars in cash and unlawful guns during the bust. Additionally, a vehicle that was reportedly involved was confiscated as well. Officials accuse one of the suspects, a 29-year-old man who was already out on parole, of selling heroin bundles that cost over $500.

Sometimes, certain elements of a drug case are not true, while others are entirely false. However, these charges can still wreck someone’s life, regardless of whether or not they were guilty. From job loss to academic problems, the consequences of these charges often extend far beyond fines and prison time. Talking to a legal professional may be useful for those who have been accused of a drug offense.

Source: News 12 Connecticut, “Police: 3 men arrested in Bridgeport drug bust,” Aug. 4, 2016

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