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Connecticut man taken into custody over domestic violence

Sometimes, there are two sides to a domestic violence story, but only one side is heard. Regrettably, many people have been falsely accused of domestic violence or have been harshly punished over an incident that was greatly exaggerated. In Stamford, and all other parts of Connecticut, domestic violence charges can destroy families and the lives of those accused. For example, someone suspected of assaulting a family member may never recover from damage done to their reputation or could lose their job. Additionally, these charges often lead to prison time and costly fines.

A 39-year-old Connecticut man was scheduled to appear in court after he was taken into custody for allegedly assaulting a female while riding in a vehicle with her. Authorities claim that a knife was discovered and that the hands of the woman, who was driving, had cuts. The man’s bond has been set at $250,000.

Law enforcement officials say that a trooper saw a vehicle on the side of road at roughly 5:30 p.m. in Glastonbury and upon approaching the vehicle, the trooper observed fighting. After apprehending the male passenger, officials charged him with domestic violence.

When someone is taken into custody as a result of domestic violence allegations, they may have no clue of what to do next. However, handling these allegations properly could be the difference between a shattered future and recovering from accusations that were false or overemphasized. For people who are facing these serious charges, discussing the details of what took place with a legal professional could help provide a plan of action. 

Source: NBC Connecticut, “State Police Arrest Man on Domestic Violence Charges,” Aug. 22, 2016

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