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Morphine and quinine involved in drug arrest

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2016 | Uncategorized

Connecticut residents who have been arrested and charged with drug crimes know that the law can feel very heavy at these times. While difficult, it is important to remember that not every arrest leads to a conviction and the judicial process allows every defendant the chance to prove innocence. A man from Newington today needs to keep that in his mind.

The man, a small business owner, has been arrested and charged with conspiracy to illegally obtain a prescription medication as well as actually illegally obtaining the drug. The reports indicate that quinine and morphine are alleged to be involved in this arrest.

The defendant’s vehicle and home were both searched in this process. In the vehicle, authorities reportedly found over 500 grams of drugs, medication for erectile dysfunction and a loaded weapon. In the home authorities are said to have found almost $7,000 in cash, gun ammunition and 2,500 grams of drugs. It is not known what penalties he could face if convicted .It is also not known if the defendant is in jail or if he has been able to post bail.

In cases where minimal details are offered, it can make it hard for defendants to be viewed fairly by those who hear the few details that are given. This is one way that talking with an attorney may be helpful because an attorney will be able to help learn more details and guide a person through the defense process.


Source: New Britain Herald, “Newington man arrested on drug charges,” Lisa Backus, Oct. 14, 2016

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