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Murder charges filed but potential motive unknown

Connecticut residents who may be arrested and charged with serious crimes know that they can face an uphill battle at least in the eyes of the public. Media sources can make life difficult for defendants as often times reports contain only spotty details that can cast a very negative light on them even though the truth of a situation may be very different than the picture painted in such reports.


Two men in New York today are in this type of situation after being charged with second degree murder in the death of a man from Stamford. In addition to the murder charge, each defendant also faces charges of evidence tampering and attempted hiding of a body. One is also accused of standing in the way of the prosecution. Reports of the death give no potential motive for the alleged killing.

What is known is that the Stamford man went to the apartment of one of the defendants after meeting a group of people at a club. He eventually died and was said to have been stabbed multiple times in his chest. It is also indicated that someone may have tried to burn his body and potentially even throw him out of a window. The body was ultimately located in Oceanport after having been buried about one foot under the ground.

People who are accused of violent crimes may find it beneficial to talk with an attorney. This gives the chance to understand the charges and the best options for a defense against serious consequences.



Source: CBS New York, “2 People Charged in Murder of 26-Year-Old Stamford Man,” Nov. 17, 2016

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