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What is family violence in Connecticut?

If you as a Connecticut resident have been accused of domestic violence by a partner, spouse or other family member, you may feel very uncertain about what this really means for you. Will you be arrested? Are the accusations related to something that the law actually considers to be domestic violence? These are just some of the questions you might have.

According to the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Library, the state reference to what many call domestic violence as family violence. Contrary to what some may think, verbal arguments may not be sufficient for a criminal charge of a family violence offense. If, however, verbal abuse or arguments are accompanied by a real possibility that physical harm or violence will ensue. In addition to actual physical injury or harm, the threat of injury to another may be classified as family violence. So too can stalking another person.

If you are threatened with a restraining order, you should know that these are not the same things as protective orders. A restraining order does not mean you will be arrested as these are civil documents that require no criminal accusations or activity. A protective order, on the other hand, is connected to a criminal arrest and charge for an offense.

Family violence charges may relate to your current or former partners or spouses, children or parents. This information is not intended to provide legal advice but rather to give Connecticut residents an overview of how the state approaches domestic violence from a criminal perspective.

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