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Groups calls for greater emphasis in sex crimes

Connecticut residents who may have been charged with sexually related crimes know that this area of law is a heated one indeed. Emotions can run high on this topic and while that is understandable, it remains an important element of civil rights that defendants’ rights are respected and protected along the way.

The state’s Trafficking in Persons Council has recently made public requests in many areas concerning what it calls human trafficking. One of the things TIP is requesting is greater collaboration among different state agencies and other groups to crack down on those who are alleged to solicit and pay for sex. These johns as they are called may become the target of a campaign referred to as “End Demand”.

It represents a shift in focus away from those who may be prostitutes or who promote prostitution to those who seek it. That does not mean, however, that other efforts would reduce, just that TIP wants more effort in seeking johns. TIP is pushing for investigations into why no johns have been arrested since patronizing prostitution was made a Class C felony in 2013 as well as why state law still falls far behind federal law in this area.

With public sentiment so strong when it comes to alleged sex crimes, people who are arrested for and charged with these offenses might want to talk with an attorney. Getting help from someone with experience may be a good way to make decisions through the defense process.

Source: CT News Junkie, “Report Recommends Going After Johns to Curb Sex Trafficking,” Jack Kramer, Jan. 12, 2017

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