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Man charged in alleged drunk driving death

Connecticut residents who have ever heard about people being charged with criminal offenses after traffic accidents should know this can and does happen to everyday people. When it comes to accidents involving allegations of drunk driving, stereotypes may abound but the facts in a case should be focused on. These charges can be scary but defendants should always remember that their rights matter as well.

Such is the case for one man from New Haven today. He has recently been released from police custody after posting a $1,500 bond and being charged with operating under the influence. He was involved in an accident when his vehicle collided with a motorcylist going the opposite direction on a Tuesday evening. The motorcyclist, a 47-year-old man died in the crash.

The driver of the other vehicle, a 74-year-old man, is accused of being intoxicated at the time yet it is not known what his blood alcohol content was at the time. It is also unknown if he was able to pass field sobriety tests or not. According to reports, an investigation is continuing in the case and the possibility of additional charges being levied against the defendant exists.

Impaired driving cases require careful review of police procedures when evaluating drivers. Working with an attorney for a drunk driving defense may give defendants help into understanding how to properly assess police handling of these very sensitive and sometimes complex cases.

Source: CT Post, “Police: Driver that hit and killed motorcyclist was DUI,” Jim Shay, Jan. 27. 2017

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