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Job seeking after a criminal conviction

Connecticut residents who have been arrested often have to quickly learn the ins and outs of the criminal justice system in order to navigate the defense process. If ultimately convicted of a crime, another concern with longer-term implications can come to the forefront in short order. That concern is how to rebuild life after serving a jail or prison sentence. One of the elements most important to this is getting a job.

CNN Money indicates that manys statistics show that former inmates often have a hard time securing employment once their sentences are over. The New York State Division of Parole data shows that after 30 days post release, a mere 36 percent of those able to work were able to get jobs. Another survey by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights indicates that after five years out of incarceration, two out of three people either had no job at all or were considered to be working in capacities below their potential in some fashion.

While New York and some other states prevent employers from asking about criminal convictions at the outset of the application process, background checks can and do still take place somewhere along the way. Business Insider explains these background checks often stand in the way of applicants getting jobs they are truly qualified for.

Getting a job may well be one of the most basic things that can help people move forward positively and give them the direction they need to prevent getting in other situations that may lead to future criminal charges.



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