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Man seeks pardon from New Jersey governor

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Uncategorized

Connecticut being a relatively small state in terms of its physical size makes it possible for its residents to frequently be in neighboring states. For this reason, understanding the laws in those other states can be helpful and even important when it comes to avoiding or defending against criminal charges when out of Connecticut.

A Pennsylvania man who operates a gun range has been getting a big lesson in the laws of nearby New Jersey. Last summer as he was en route to New York, he was stopped by police near the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City allegedly because of a crack in his windshield. Upon being stopped, officers discovered that the man had several weapons in his vehicle. While this may not have been a problem in Pennsylvania, the fact that the shotgun, handguns and rifle were not locked in a secure case or trunk was a problem in New Jersey.

He was arrested and has since been working to avoid jail. After initially being denied to participate in an intervention program instead of going to jail, the defendant appealed but that appeal has also been denied. Now reports indicate that he is seeking pardon from New Jersey’s Governor. When the man may receive a decision about his request is not known.

People who are charged with crimes in Connecticut may want to talk to a lawyer to appropriately learn the laws in this state, especially if they are from another state.

Source: CT Post, “Armed man arrested on drug ‘rescue’ trip to seek pardon,” David Porter, March 17, 2017

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