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Changes to restraining order laws in Connecticut

Have you been charged with domestic violence in Connecticut? Perhaps your spouse or partner has talked about seeking a restraining order against you for alleged domestic violence. If you are in such a situation, you may well be looking to understand the laws surrounding these types of charges in Connecticut.

According to the Connecticut General Assembly Office of Legislative Research, some of the state’s domestic violence laws were amended in 2016. A new law called Public Act 16-34 was passed that resulted in new provisions surrounding restraining orders in these cases. There are four main elements affected by PA 16-34 and one of these is the ability for an order that was granted without a hearing to be kept in effect after a hearing is held. This type of order is called an ex parte order.

Also changing is the number of days before a hearing that service to a defendant must be made. Instead of a five-day lead time, service can be made within only three days of a hearing. When applying for a restraining order, a person will now be allowed to indicate if the accused person has any certifications for ammunitions or firearms eligibility. Finally, a law enforcment officer may be required to accompany a person during the service of a restraining order in some situations. 

If you would like to learn more about the new Public Act 16-34 or other laws that govern domestic violence charges and processes, please feel free to visit the civil restraining order page of our Connecticut criminal defense website.

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