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Consider cost of DUI this Fourth of July

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2017 | Drunk Driving

Connecticut residents eager to enjoy celebrations with friends and family during this upcoming Fourth of July weekend should be able to simply look forward to the fun. However, there is a strong need to attend to practical matters in order to avoid potential problems that could not only dampen holiday plans but that could have additional impact both financially and logistically. This includes planning transportation in order to avoid a drunk driving arrest.

The U.S. Department of Transportation regularly produces marketing materials that it makes available to local law enforcement agencies, community groups and others to highlight not only the dangers of driving after drinking but also to emphasize potential increases in enforcement during holiday periods. The Fourth of July is one of the major holidays over which an emphasis on driving under the influence charges may be increased.

In Connecticut, the Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that the consequences for even a first DUI conviction can have major implications for a driver. This involves not only being arrested and spending time in jail until bailed out but having to pay for vehicle towing and other costs. The use of an ignition interlock device may well be required for at least six months if not one year or even more.

For anyone who might consider refusing to take a breath test when requested by an officer, they should know that the state’s implied consent law means that by virtue of the fact that they are driving a vehicle in Connecticut, they have essentially agreed to take a test when asked.


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