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New DNA evidence leads judge to free man from prison

People who are convicted of any form of crime in Connecticut should be aware that the technology used to investigate crimes evolves over time like any other technology and this may provide new opportunities to review evidence even after a trial has been concluded and a person has been convicted. Examples of this include new methods for reviewing DNA samples.

New DNA review technology has played a big factor in the recent release of a man wh was convicted 16 years ago of murdering a woman in 1991. During the original trial, a forensic expert testified that bite marks on the deceased woman were conclusively those of the defendant. Now, the more current DNA evidence has made the same forensic expert changed his opinion and not only has stated that the bite marks do not match that of the defendant but that they could have been made by a large number of people.

For now, the man has been released from prison and is under home arrest at his sister’s residence. He will be allowed to leave for legal, medical and religious purposes and he will be monitored via an ankle bracelet. A  new trial is expected to get underway in the case and an upcoming court date has been set for July 20.

From an initial arrest to after a conviction, working with an experienced criminal defense attorney may help defendants in Connecticut understand the options available to them to protect their rights.

Source: Hartford Courant, “Judge Releases Alfred Swinton, Convicted Of Murder In 1991, Pending New Trial,” Dave Altimari and David Owens, June 8, 2017

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