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State to increase sex trafficking penalties

Anyone who is arrested for and charged with any type of crime will want to learn about the laws that pertain to that offense. Part of that learning naturally includes getting an understanding of the types of penalties that a person may face if they are ultimately convicted of an offense.

For people arrested for suspected sex crimes, there may well be new penalties in place if the Governor signs legislation that is now headed his way. Originally passed by the state House of Representatives, the bills have just been passed in the Senate. Reports indicate that the vote on the matter was unanimous in favor of the penalty adjustments. A new type of crime has been identified and is called commercial sex abuse of a minor. This would be a Class A felony if the person involved was 14 years old or younger. If the person is 15 or older, it would be a Class B felony.

For human trafficking, a Class A felony designation may result in a prison term of up to 25 years for convicted defendants. Also potentially a Class A felony would be patronizing a minor being sold for sex. There is apparently also a push for greater public education about what may be considered sex trafficking.

Defendants in Connecticut who are charged with sex trafficking or other sex crimes may want to talk to a lawyer to learn about the laws, penalties and defense process.

Source: CT Post, “Tougher penalties for domestic violence, sex trafficking,” Ken Dixon, May 26, 2017

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