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Task force to oversee use of body and dash cameras

People in Connecticut may be aware that more and more law enforcement agencies around the country have been adopting the use of video cameras by officers. Some of these cameras are mounted on the dashboards of police vehicles while others are literally worn on police uniforms. Recently, the Connecticut House of Representatives has passed H.B. 7308 which seeks to further the implementation of this technology in the state.

One element to the bill is the focus on establishing a task force that would be responsible for investigating the actual use of cameras by officers. Reports indicate that a heavy emphasis on improving trust among the public of police and other officers is a goal of the use of the cameras. This may be sought by increasing the accountability of officers and attempting to reduce or prevent any instances of misconduct or brutality.

One challenge for local law enforcment agencies that has stood in the way of using body and dash cameras to date is funding. The new bill makes it easier for departments to access money to pay for new equipment including software and other items needed for the systems. Purchases supported are to be made this year and next.

Connecticut residents that have quesitons about the use of dashboard or body cameras by police may want to work with an attorney, especially if there are concerns about how and when footage may be accessed.

Source: New Haven Register News, “Connecticut bill that would help police buy body and dash cams moves to Senate,” Anna Bisaro, June 2, 2017

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