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Truck driver arrested for impaired operation

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2017 | Drunk Driving

In Connecticut as in other states, a person who is charged with a drunk driving offense while operating a semi truck or other commercial vehicle may face serious penalties. These may include penalties similar to those for drivers operating regular passenger vehicles not for work purposes but may also end up involving other things as well.

One man who is 48 years old and was the commercial driver of a dump truck is learning this firsthand these days. In mid July, reports indicate that the man was arrested and charged with two offenses related to an alleged drunk driving incident while he was operating the dump truck. In addition to a charge for operating a commercial motor vehicle while under the influence, the driver has been charged with failing to stay to the right on a curve.

The incident took place late one evening along a stretch of route 58 in Easton. Multiple calls to emergency responders are said to have been placed indicating that the dump truck was not staying in its lane and was near to hitting other vehicles in a head-on position. Upon being located by officers, the defendant reportedly could not pass more than one field sobriety test, although which tests were administered is not known.

Commercial drivers accused of drunk driving may find it helpful to discuss their case with an attorney to learn how they may protect their jobs and their reputations during a DUI defense.

Source:, “Swerving dump truck leads to Easton DUI arrest,” Jim Shay, July 18, 2017

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