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Officer suspended with pay after arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Drunk Driving

The thought of being arrested and charged with even one crime let alone multiple criminal offenses can certainly make Connecticut residents concerned. For many people, such a situation may well interfere with their ability to work and earn a living both immediately and in the future if they end up with a criminal conviction on their record. For some, the ability to maintain privacy and avoid an employer knowing about a problem may be possible. For others, this may not be possible.

For one man who is a police officer, his arrest nearly a year ago was not able to be hid from the department for which he worked. However, instead of losing his job, he was able to receive a suspension but one that allowed him to continue to draw his salary. It is not known if the suspension with pay also meant he could maintain any benefits during the suspension period. The man was arrested after being charged with driving under the influence, assault, threatening and a few other offenses as well.

The incidents took place in Fairfield and Bridgeport according to reports. The defendant has since participated in a diversion program and assuming there are no future problems, all of the charges he originally faced will be dropped in the early part of 2018.

Following an arrest in Connecticut, it may be helpful to talk with an attorney before simply giving up hope on the defense process.

Source: CT Post, “Cop charged with assault, DUI remains on payroll,” Daniel Tepfer, August 15, 2017

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